Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kintage Is Here!

I have been following Aileen, over at BarkerZoo, for a few months. I love reading about her life in California, her animals (especially the three-week old chicks), and her creations for her store, Kintage. I have been waiting for the store to open. Two weeks ago, Kintage finally went live. I've been so busy with school, cooking, and other things, that I didn't really get to look until today. 

Oh my goodness. Am I in heaven? Kintage is amazing! I mean, I knew the store was going to be awesome, but I am sitting next to Erich, and every time he hears me say oooh, aaah, or wow, he asks what I'm looking at. He finally stopped asking, because I kept saying Kintage! Everything in the store is affordable, and if you use the coupon code BARKERZOO, you get 10% off all items! Here are some pieces that I am in love with.

Chased By Lace Dress, $38

Deer-lerious Necklace, $22

Lace is Grace Dress, $38

Line By Line Dress, $36

Foxy Lady Ring, $12

Floral Elegance Purse, $42

French Farmhouse Crate and Bottles, $16

The dresses and accessories are gorgeous, and the French Farmhouse Crate and Bottles would make the best housewarming gift! Once I have a few extra bucks to spare, I definitely plan on snagging a few pieces for Spring/Summer.

If you haven't checked out Kintage yet, click here to go visit. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

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