Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Gift Guide: Urban Outfitters.

Over the summer, the stars aligned + I snagged a job at Urban Outfitters, which I'm loving. I decided to revisit the blog, start with some fun gift guides + roll out the first one with some of my favorites from the workplace. Its so refreshing having a job I actually enjoy for a change - I work with some really rad folks + get to wear what I like to work [which, strangely enough, has never happened until this year]. Since the holiday season is upon us, here are some of my favorite things that would make killer gifts.

uo faves

Thrill Murray $15  A coloring book inspired by Bill Murray's film career? Yes, its amazing as it sounds. Snag a few to keep as backup gifts, because no one dislikes Murray. If they do, reassess your friendship.
Manic Panic $8-$15  I've been using this dye since middle school + its the only brand i'd ever recommend, as it doesn't destroy your hair. My hair is currently a hybrid of Ultra Violet + Shocking Blue, + i've got Cotton Candy Pink + Hot Hot Pink on hand for when this color eventually fades.
Married To The Mob x UO Relax Beanie $29  I've been in love with MTTM + since I snagged the my girls tee a few years back. This beanie speaks for itself + should be owned by everyone who works retail during the holidays. You've never worked a successful Black Friday unless you've seen grown women having a yelling match over line cutting.
Crosley AV Room Portable USB Turntable $98-$160  I'm a firm believer that every household should have a record player + that the generation of internet babies should understand the importance of vinyl + the art of creating a mix tape. There are an assortment of colors//patterns to choose from, plus many of the turntables are USB-equipped, so you can transfer your old 45s onto your computer.
Perks of Being a Wallflower $22.98  This film soundtrack lp, based on the 1999 novel written by Stephen Chbosky, is one of the few movie soundtracks I find enjoyable from start to finish, featuring tracks from David Bowie, Sonic Youth + Cocteau Twins.
Colorblock Oversized Eternity Scarf $29  I didn't plan on buying this, until one of my coworkers told me to "just feel it," as they placed it around my neck. I'm not really a scarf person [they always feel itchy to me], but as soon as this touched my skin, I knew I would be buying it before I walked out the door that evening. It keeps you warm, looks nice, isn't itchy + its under $30. Its a diamond in the rough, folks.
Chimes Ginger Chews $6  If you're a fan of ginger//candied ginger, I suggest snagging a tin for your bag. They taste delicious, can help with sudden stomach issues + keep your breath in check. The chews come in three flavors: original, orange + peanut butter.
Dr. Martens 1460 Floral Boot $130  The classic 1460 got a floral treatment, which made me all nostalgic for the 90s. These were also the the easiest Docs i've had to break in - my feet were thankful.
Paddywax Glass Jar Candle $12  Before I started working for Urban, I would snag these soy candles from Whole Foods + even got a few of my friends on the Paddywax bandwagon. My favorite is the vanilla + oakmoss, but all of their candles smell amazing + won't give you a migraine [certain fragrances bring on serious headaches//nausea for some folks, including myself]. These are perfect for white elephant//secret santa events.
Plum + Bow Cable Knit Blanket $79  Just like scarves, i'm suuuper picky about blankets. Itchy = bad. I might be going out on a limb here, but this is the softest blanket i've come across in years [my baby blanket takes the cake, obviously]. Whenever i'm lounging around at home, this gem is wrapped around me. I love it so much I requested a second one for Christmas.