Monday, June 1, 2015

Music Monday

Monday, May 25, 2015

Music Monday

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Gypsy Rose Cosmetics

A few months ago, I had found out that a pal I had met through Black Milk Clothing had launched Gypsy Rose Cosmetics, a natural cosmetics line with some of her best friends. All three ladies also happened to be former LUSH employees, so obviously my ears perked up. Gypsy Rose Cosmetics procured the cutest care package with an assortment from their brand spanking new product line + being a former LUSH employee myself, to say I'm picky about the products I use on my body is an understatement. Gypsy Rose Cosmetics passes the test, so scroll down to see what goodies the gals sent me + to snag a coupon code for 15% off your order.

I opened up my parcel to find a nice assortment of products - The Fortune Teller shower gel, The Tattooed Temptress body wash, The Ringmaster Lip Balm, The Amazing Cure-All Tincture + a pair of   their Mermaid High Waisted Knickers.

The Fortune Teller is reminiscent of LUSH's sought-after Twilight shower gel. Lavender, bergamot + lemon are some of my favorites, super calming and mind-clearing. I prefer the consistency of GRC's shower gel over LUSH's formula + like how the shimmer powder is actually suspended in the gel, unlike Twilight, which sinks to the bottom of the bottle + refuses to surface. I love The Fortune Teller's scent, but wish it were a bit stronger. 

The Tattooed Temptress smells just like a chocolate orange. Upon opening the jar, I just kept sniffing it + sighing, hahaha. Its amazing! This sugar scrub is gentle + leaves you moisturized, plus the scent lingers for a bit, which I like.

The Ringmaster is probably my favorite product, because I use it daily. It smells + tastes like Orbit Sweet Mint gum, but without that slightly creepy artificial aftertaste. The consistency is also amazing - its not waxy or sticky + moisturizes really well.

The Amazing Cure-All Tincture is good for a plethora of uses, thanks to the essential oil blend. My favorite as of late? Using after I shave, mixed with equal parts water. Sounds weird, but its awesome.

The High Waisted Knickers are cool, but I feel that since I'm so short, they come up too high on me. It might be that I'm just not used to the cut, but I can see myself wearing these as a bathing suit bottom, not underwear. I was telling a friend last night that if I'm daring enough, I may wear them to the Coney Island Mermaid Parade!

Gypsy Rose Cosmetics offers all of their scents in multiple products. Each scent has its own shower gel, body scrub, soap + lip balm. I've been eyeing The Mermaid shower gel + The Bearded Lady, which is their new deodorant paste. If you use the code GYPSYGIRLS1, you'll save 15% on your order.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Need to Relax? Turn to Music.

Music is Important for You
Music is an effective tool that can promote relaxation in many ways. Music can bring many physical changes and help us manage our stress levels. If you love music, here are some ideas that will help you serve the purpose of keeping your stress levels under control and, at the same time, help you enjoy quality music.

Stress Relief Activities

When practicing guided imagery or self-hypnosis, music will help you get into the mode and keep you energized. Even when exercising, music will keep you active and help you complete your session. 

Physical Relaxation

With music, it is easy to release some of the tension that has been on your head throughout the day or week. This is because it promotes relaxation of tense muscles. 


To get your brain into a meditative state, music should be used. Being in a meditative state, it is important to forget everything in this world. For this, we need to stay away from stress. Music helps us get into the zone and be spot on our target.


It is often said that upbeat tunes can help you take your mind off topics that create stress in your mind. This will help you feel more positive and optimistic. So, accept music and reject negativity.


Talk about affirmations, it sounds better if we add some background music to it. It helps us remember the lyrics and keeps your mind busy with positive self-talk and positive affirmations. Today, we love listening to music that keeps us addicted. However, the focus is not on the lyrics. Negative, foul lyrics will call for angry, jealousy, sadness and other related negative traits. This balances the effect of upbeat music that is necessary for us. So, try and avoid music that has foul, negative lyrics. Look at the positive side and bring back lost smile on your face.


If you are confused with the lyrics, choose instrumental music or chants that will keep your mind on track. After all, the intention is to listen to the sound waves that will create a positive environment around you. Create a playlist on your own. Don’t think about what others are listening to. Create a playlist that is perfect for you and you like it to the core. Your liking is important. 

Create Music

If you have a music instrument at home, you can create music and sing along. Here, the intention is to create music that is peaceful and calm. For the lyrics, you can pick up any affirmation that is positive and is close to your heart.

Music can stir emotions; it can alter our mood and lead us to unusual behaviors. So, if you are planning to buy music online, look for discounts coupons at Chameleon John and get lucrative deals online. 

Concluding, there are different music tracks and most of them appeal to us. Do you listen to music when you are stressed? Which one is on your mind?