Monday, April 13, 2015

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Sunday, April 12, 2015


I wrote this piece back on February 23. It saved this as a draft, because I wanted to revisit it at a later date. My headspace was swimming with so much at that point in time. While contemplating my future, I decided a change of scenery was needed + planned an impromptu trip to California. Things have been non-stop since returning home + I only got a chance to look again today. At first, I was tempted to edit, but decided to leave it alone. It needs to be seen how it swirled through my mind - slightly choppy, a little repetitive, but real. 

Life can be weird + strange. People can walk into your life one day + flip things upside down, which can be a good thing. Might be a bad thing. But its something. Its living.

A few years ago, someone very dear to my heart was gone in an instant. That moment was one of the biggest wake up calls of my life. That was the day I decided to start being more mindful + living the life I deserved.

Sometimes you just need to take a leap of faith. Trust your gut. Fuck the "what ifs" - stare them right in the face + see whats there. If its not what you expected or what you want, at least you took the risk. Plus, its quite the adrenaline rush. It can be really scary, I know. But we are so much stronger than we realize.

I'm a firm believer in the fact that things unfold how they're supposed to. You can try + fool the universe, but in the end, what is supposed to happen will happen. We don't know what tomorrow has in store. If we will even see tomorrow. So get out there + experience life. I swear, its worth it.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Music Monday

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Linkity Link

Girls has been renewed for a fifth season + it looks like they're getting a significant chunk of the upcoming season's wardrobe from Nifty Thrifty again [I accidentally stumbled upon this when I typed "tshirt" in the search bar.]

I hesitated posting this last week due to the content [the article is called Why I Don't Give Blowjobs], but after reading it again the other night, I had to post it. I know people are entitled to their own opinions, but this rubbed me the wrong way, no pun intended. I'm not going to get into it on the internet [hi mom!], but feel free to ask my opinion about it next time we run into each other.

When you're just shy of five feet tall, the struggle is real. I mean sure, there are some solid perks: every dude I date is taller than me, there's always leg room in cars//planes + I can wear whatever shoes I want without towering over my dates. Buzzfeed compiled 29 things that folks under 5'3" will understand + I must say, this is pretty accurate - 11, 13, 14 + 26 are my faves.

The dates for Long Island Craft Beer Week are up + the site will be adding information as it becomes available.

If you were a child of the 90s, you may have had some questions regarding what you watched on Nickelodeon. Also, Rocko worked as a phone sex operator. On a kids show. How did that even fly?!?

Momofuku Milk Bar offers weekly baking classes + I'm pretty sure that I need to get my booty to the bake the book series: pies. Mmmmm, pie.

Need to get your tiny humans out of the house for something fun? Check out these 25 things to do with Long Island preschoolers.

The Smashing Pumpkins + Marilyn Manson are playing Jones Beach this summer + Groupon has solid seats for $40 apiece - including taxes. My friends + I are taking the day off to head to the beach before we make our way to the parking lot for tailgating antics.

My friend Ryan texted me the recipe for Ruffles Krispies Treats the other day. NEED.

Growing up, sitting down to dinner with my family happened nearly every single night. We never brought distractions to the dinner table. I might have snuck a book or something with me into a restaurant, but if we were at home, we sat at the table + talked, even when we didn't want to. When I saw the video for the Dolmio pepper grinder that turns technology off in the home, I was so stoked. Disconnect to connect.

These 12 Starbucks hacks will save you money, but be careful with number 8. As a former Barista, we were told not to split a venti [especially with Frappuccinos].