Thursday, December 8, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Life has been super crazy + blogging had taken a backseat for a bit, but recently I found time to sit down + put together a holiday gift guide, which is one of my favorite posts to write [yet least favorite post to design, haha]. Not to toot my own horn, but I'm pretty good at choosing gifts for my friends + family [I'm also the master of the greeting card, if you haven't heard]. Whats cool about this holiday gift guide is half of the items on here are created + sold by small businesses that belong to my friends. Everything on here is under $100 + a lot of the items are under $20, which is clutch for Secret Santa gifts or stocking stuffers. If you have a small business [or your friend has a cool one you'd like to tell us about], share the info in the comments below so we can show them support as well. Happy gifting!

AquaNotes Waterproof Notepad $8.18 Have you ever been in the shower + had the best idea, but couldn't get the words on paper? Well, now you can! There are a few different designs available, including love notes + word search puzzles.

Stranger Things Volumes 1 + 2 Glow in the Dark Green Vinyl 4xLP $69.98 Stranger Things was one of the most talked about shows of 2016. This treasure encompasses two of my favorite things: fun stuff that glows in the dark + vinyl!

Beta Tools SL-Ultra-Thin Inspection Lamp $72.61 This powerful LED inspection light is clutch. It works well in small spaces, its hella bright + its also battery powered [it can also get power via cigarette lighter with a 2.5m long cable]. Next time you're stuck changing a tire at night with only the flashlight of an iPhone to light the way, you're gonna wish you put this on your Christmas list.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Let's Kick Shell! Limited Edition Hand Painted Cassette Tape $9 each Need a unique gift for the pop culture lover in your life? Look no further. These cassette tapes are one of a kind + make for great stocking stuffers.

MerCurios Jewelry Silver Chunky Crystal Quartz Ring $19 [on sale] I'm obsessed with my friend Mary-Jo's jewelry, especially her Chaotic line. This ring is simple, yet its such a statement piece.

Alex Strangler Artemis Iron On Patch $10 Alex Strangler's take on one of the main meows from Sailor Moon is one of my favorite designs of hers. This design is also available in sticker form!

Mondo Jurassic Park Long Sleeve Tee $30 Mondo teamed up with their pals from Industry Print Shop to create this premium fitted tee. The graphics on the arm are pretty sweet.

Humble Pride Glass Peach Ornament $15 [save 15% on any purchase with the promo code GLASS15] I know I'm not the only one who uses the peach emoji when talking about a juicy butt, so when I saw this ornament, I knew I needed my own handcrafted booty beauty.

Turntable Pizza Cutter, $19 [save 40% on any purchase with the promo code TREATYOSELF] Usually inexpensive novelty items lack in the quality department, but the whole line of musical kitchenware from Rocket is super durable +

LEGO Yellow Submarine $59.99 The LEGO Ideas series are some of my favorites. When I found out that they were creating a Yellow Submarine set, I knew I needed it, even though LEGO sets technically aren't a necessity. The set includes the Fab Four, plus Jeremy.


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