Saturday, March 10, 2012

Christmas in March.

I came across the band, Bluebell, about a month or so ago. I heard the song, Normal Heights, on Facebook, fell in love with what I heard, and have been waiting for more. For some reason, I went onto the YouTube page today, and I'm glad I did. I saw a song, titled I went to Bethlehem and all I got was this Justin Bieber T-Shirt, with a photo of Bluebell frontwoman, Annabel, playfully posing with a cardboard cutout of Biebs. I decided to click on the song, figuring it would be a holiday tune.

Ladies and gentleman, this is far more than just a holiday song. I got the chills when I heard these lyrics. Annabel may be young (almost twenty-four, as the song says), but she's wise beyond her years. A beautiful voice, a catchy beat, and some synth-love. Just check it out for yourself.

From what I've gathered, the band, which is comprised of Charlie and Annabel, performs as a quartet on stage - a drummer and guitarist join the dynamic duo on stage. From what I've heard, they sound fantastic live. 

You can find Bluebell at Bluebell, Facebook and YouTube. If you sign up for the email list, you  can snag a free download of Normal Heights. I suggest you do so, while you can.