Monday, March 19, 2012

Goodies From Edition 01 + 50% Off Coupon Code!

A few weeks ago, I filled readers in on the $3,000 giveaway from Edition 01. Well, I didn't win the $3,000, but I did get $600 to spend - $100 for signing up, and another $500 for getting 50 friends to sign up. I was stoked when I logged in to see $600, ready for me to spend on. There were so limited edition gems that I wanted to purchase, but I didn't know where to begin. I finally narrowed it down to three items that would be put to good use - sandals, a necklace and an oversized beach towel. I placed my order late Friday night, and by the time I finished my run on Tuesday afternoon, the goods had already arrived!

When I opened the largesse cardboard shipping box, I was greeted by an attractive box, with the Edition 01 logo, surrounded by tissue paper (to keep it from moving to much when shipping). I was so excited to open this, but I made sure to take pictures before I tore into it! 

When I laid eyes on my new K. Jacques Triton Sandal, I gasped aloud. Pictures do these beauties no justice whatsoever. The craftsmanship on these French beauties is impeccable, and the leather is high quality. These sandals were such a great investment - they will last for years. 

I was so torn between which piece of jewelry to order - Edition 01 has so many nice pieces! I decided that I needed a nice necklace, and fell in love with this limited edition Eddie Borgo Pyramid Necklace. The garnet pave crystals give this piece such depth and edge, all in one piece. This choker goes for $625 at Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus, and it was on sale for $250. I love Eddie Borgo's work, so I am very excited to own an accessory from his line.

The last item I snagged was this beautiful Yigal AzrouĆ«l Color Burst Beach Towel. I love going to the beach, and needed a new towel for my summer adventures. This 100% cotton towel is super soft and gigantic - 70" x 42" - I am definitely not complaining about this. Oversized towels are the best for the beach. 

I was still in my running clothes, but I was eager to try my new sandals on. I ripped off my running shoes and sweaty socks, and strapped these babies on. Ugh, I am in love. If I had the funds, I would definitely invest in the Picon and Ganges sandals. 

Oh, so about that coupon code I mentioned? Since I am a founding member of Edition 01, I was sent a coupon code for their winter sale, which I was told to share with my friends. From Tuesday, March 20, until Wednesday March 21, you can receive 50% off everything at Edition 01, if you use the coupon code VIP50. The coupon is applied at checkout, and is limited to orders $250 or more. So, if you want those killer sandals, they'll only cost you $130. If you already signed up to Edition01, you have the automatic $100 they gave you, so it'll only really cost you the $30, plus tax - shipping is free.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Edition 01 tomorrow and indulge in some retail therapy!

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