Monday, March 12, 2012

Five Things (Weekend Edition).

I had a really good week. Kept myself busy, connected with a bunch of people regarding the blog, and continued my job search. Here are a few things that made my weekend much brighter.

1. Draw Something
I am no artist, by far. But I try, which is what matters. This was my rendition of Kanye West that I sent over to my friend, Kimber. I'm sure she would have figured it out, even if I didn't write, "Imma let you finish," but it made it more amusing. 

2. Running
Last week, due to scheduling and not feeling so hot, Liz and I got a bit off track with running. We got back to it, and let me tell you, it hurt like crazy. But we pushed through, and are back on track again. This is a picture of me stretching, before running. When I come back from running, I do not look this put together, hah.

3. Frozen Yogurt
Even though I am watching what I am eating, I can still enjoy junk food  - in moderation, of course. On Sunday, Liz and I went to YoChi Yogurt, in Patchogue - right down the street from where I had adventured on Friday. I was so stoked about having fro-yo, I took this picture to share my excitement with the world (well, just on Instagram, but close enough).

4. Gorgeous Weather
It feels as Spring is already upon us. Even though we lost an hour of sleep, thanks to daylight savings, I spent Sunday enjoying the beautiful weather. Definitely an even trade, in my book!

5. Magazines
My poor magazine subscriptions always get the shaft during the school year. Before bed, I quickly flipped through these. NYLON has been one of my favorite magazines for 10+ years - Paper being a close second. When I have more time over the weekend, I plan on ripping some recipes out of taste of the south, but I'm sure they'll have to be modified, in order fit into my healthier eating habits. 

What are some things that made your weekend enjoyable?

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