Friday, September 21, 2012

Words Strung Together.

How is it that September is nearly over? Time seriously flies once autumn hits. I feel like the last month of the summer took forever to come to a close. Now I am insanely busy + running on limited sleep. I was so exhausted after a personal training session the other day, I intended to take a ten minute nap, which turned into a small sleep + I totally missed my internship. This is not like me + it was totally unprofessional. Obviously, my lack of sleep caught up with me. Speaking of training, I'm walking like a weirdo because my calves are hating me from the workout I did on Wednesday. Erich thinks its hilarious when I groan + stumble after I get out of a chair. I, on the other had, think it sucks. But nothing comes easy, so I'm just going to have to suck it up. 

Last night, after hanging new dresses for student teaching in my closet, the bar broke, + all of my dresses came tumbling down. I had waaaaayyy to much stuff on the bar. I started to cry, because I was so frustrated that this happened at midnight, when I wanted to go to sleep. I decided while I was hanging things up, I would go through what I need + what I can afford to get rid of. The things I can afford to get rid of went up on Instagram. I made an additional page, called ClosetShopaholic. I plan on adding more next week, after I pull down the bins we have in the attic. I also have another full closet + drawers at my stepdad's house. I've sold half a dozen items already, which is great, seeing as the store has only been open for 24 hours. 

I babysat two of my favorite littles tonight. I wasn't even in the front door all the way when I was attacked by the best hug ever. He just kept climbing on me - it was so adorable. We colored, did puzzles, + watched Dolphin Tale [which was really cute] after the bebe went to bed. Mr. Kindergarten tried his hardest to stay awake to hang out with Shelly, but he passed out shortly after the movie started.

I should really get into bed, but I feel like I haven't written a real blog in awhile. Erich is sitting next to me, playing Pokemon Pinball on my Game Boy [don't judge, it is pretty awesome], while I write this + struggle to keep my eyes open. I am really stoked for craft night tomorrow, but I really hope I can squeeze a nap in after work. If I get six hours tonight, it'll be a miracle. It takes me forever to fall asleep lately + I wake up at the smallest movement or sound. Or, if my feet get to cold. 

Totally random picture to post, but while we were waiting in line at the grocery store, I saw this + I told Erich to remind me to tell Sarina that we should make cake pops for our Halloween parties [ours are a week apart]. Boy Genius says, "Just take a picture of it." Duh, why didn't I think of that? Oh wait, because I've been a walking zombie all week. I will probably forget to tell her, but I'm sure she'll see it on the blog. Alright, I'm falling asleep as I type this. I hope you all enjoy your Friday + have an excellent weekend ahead of you!

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  1. I love those little check out line cookbooks! And I love that Erich told you to take a pic...genius! If you do them, take pics! I've always wanted to make cake pops.