Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Music: Dominique Pruitt.

I haven't posted a music video in awhile, but recently, musician [and sgli blog reader] Dominique Pruitt reached out to me, telling me about the new single she had recorded, "To Win Your Love." Production on the video was still in progress, so I was waiting patiently to see the finished product. Yesterday, I got an email from D, with the link to the video. I absolutely love the video. Her sound reminds me of gals from the 50's, with a bit of Gwen Stefani tossed in, and a dash of Elyse Rogers [from 90s ska punk band Dance Hall Crashers]. I'm also in love with her sense of style as well.

I spoke with Dominique a few hours ago, and I asked her when we should expect an album. She is in the studio, but doesn't want to rush it [smart girl]. There will be an EP out, and as soon as there is a release date, she will be giving me the info to pass along to all of you! Make sure you crank this up and get ready to dance around the room!

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