Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight + Giveaway!

I figured since yesterday was a holiday, and most of us are adjusting to reality after a three (or four) day weekend, I would give you all something to smile about today. One of the blog's newest sponsors is Outfit Additions. Outfit Additions is a California based store, selling a variety of fashion jewelry, belts and wallets. Founder Ash Moosa started the company a few years ago, after building the Outfit Additions silk accessories collection. At the time, Ash ran the business part-time while working for Gap's ecommerce division in San Francisco. He recently left Gap to focus more of his time and energy on his growing business. Jewelry is the focus going forward for the company. Ash tries to source product that is relatively simple in design that has either an interesting pattern and/or a pop of color. That doesn't mean they don't sell chunky statement pieces - just means that even their chunky pieces are relatively simple in design. All items on the site are priced under $60, so it won’t break the bank.


Ash isn’t a designer, but he loves design – you can tell from the variety of items showcased at Outfit Additions. He sources product from various designers and wholesalers he meets at trade shows, and does pretty much everything else that is needed to run the store (he even takes those gorgeous pictures you'll see throughout the store). Now, Ash needs our help. He wants to know what we want, regarding jewelry. He has set up a survey in order to make sure he's stocking the store with items his customers like, which is really awesome. In return for your input, you will be put in a drawing to win a $100 gift certificate to one of my favorite places to shop, AmazonI did the survey last night, and its pretty straightforward, and it only took three or four minutes to complete. The survey is on the Outfit Additions blog - just make sure you enter before midnight EST on September 13.

While you're there, take a good look around the Outfit Additions store. Here are a few of my favorite items: 

What are some of your favorite items over at Outfit Additions? 

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