Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Things I'm Loving Lately.

Sometimes its simple things in life that make you smile. Here are a few things (besides my friends + family - because that is a given) that have made my day this week!

Call me a cat lady if you want, but you can't deny that this Cute Cats Jumper from Romwe rules. I just saved 20% on my first order + so can you!

My partner in crafting has recently started Meme for Monday on her blog. I don't know about you, but Monday's are usually the suck over in my neck of the woods. Thank you, Sarina, for making Monday more bearable! 

Floral Halos from That Madonna Girl. I'm obsessed with The Kimmie (shown above), The Lainie + The Marie

Danielle over at Sometimes Sweet has a really awesome feature called Literate + Stylish. Yours truly will be featured in the upcoming weeks + I am stoked to be a part of something so awesome. 

My pen pals! I have over a dozen across the country + its so great to connect with them outside of the 'net. Every day, I can't wait to check the mail box to see if I have a letter. If you guys are reading this, you seriously make my day every time I read what you write to me.

Drinking coffee or tea out of cute mugs is the best way to enjoy your beverage, in my humble opinion. I just came across this fun Uglydoll mug + I definitely want to add this to my growing mug collection!

I have been watching this video for weeks + it never. gets. old. Psy is the man + I can't wait to learn the dance. He was recently on Ellen + gave watchers these words of wisdom, "Dress classy + dance cheesy." I'm working on the classy part, but I've got the cheesy part down part, in more than just the dance department. If you love it as much as I do, you can download the track here for under $1.

I hope you are all enjoying your week - I can't wait until the weekend arrives, so I can sit down + get a few hours of schoolwork under my belt. Sounds silly, but I'd rather get it done now, so I can pay more attention to the blog + studying for my state examinations.

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