Saturday, September 29, 2012

No Doubt's Triumphant Return!

Back in 1995, I was up way past my bedtime + saw the video for a song called, "Just A Girl," by a band called No Doubt. I fell in love, bought the album that the song was off of [Tragic Kingdom] + bought the two albums that had come out years earlier. In fact, No Doubt was the second concert I ever attended. I have seen them a handful of times since then + really love the show they put on. The energy is amazing + you can tell they love being on stage, just jammin' with their friends. The band went on hiatus for a few years + hadn't put out an album of new tunes since 2011, so when I heard they were finally releasing a new album this year, I did a happy dance. No, seriously, I did - Erich looked at me like I had three heads. I'm in love with the latest album, Push + Shove [I downloaded it from Amazon - they have every single No Doubt album on sale for $5.99 right now] + love dancing around to it. The video below is for the single "Settle Down." Watch it, dance around + enjoy!

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