Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Loving: floral halos by That Madonna Girl. Michelle, who runs TMG, sent me over a few new designs to check out. I'm pretty much in love + spent an hour playing with my hair last weekend [E was not amused, especially when I was doing it when we had someplace to be]. I have to go to my internship after work tomorrow, so I'm trying to figure out what outfit to wear, so I can sport one of my floral halos. :)

Reading: school related things, blogs + The Graveyard Book, for the digital book discussion Sarina started. So far, I’m only a few pages in, but I can tell this is going to be awesome. If you'd like to join Read + Rant, click that link + sign up!

Watching: a whole lot of nothing. The only time I’ve watched anything lately is the television on the elliptical or the treadmill at the gym. Although when I babysat last week, I watched Dolphin Tale, which was pretty cute [based on a true story as well].

Thinking about: the fact that I am going to be thirty + still don’t have a real job. I know, the field I went into is hard to secure a job – that’s why I went straight to grad school [I took a few years off from school in mid-twenties, in order to experience life + figure things out]. Still, I feel pretty useless at times + wonder if all of that time I took to enjoy myself was worth it. Sometimes I think too much, and this is one of those situations. I have also been thinking about what the heck to do for the big 3-0. I told Erich that we should just go bowling, but he said I should do something else, since this is a milestone. I'm totally stuck on this one. Help!

Stressing about: Student teaching in less than a week [again], registering for two state exams [I was under the assumption that it was only one], student loans, work [+ the lack thereof while student teaching], bills, not having health insurance, etc. Basically everything. I know I need to take everything day by day, but when you’re an over thinker who has anxiety, its easier said than done.

Looking forward to: spending the afternoon with one of the littles – we are going to paint her nails, have lunch together, + watch shows [all of these were her ideas]. Part of their birthday presents is to spend an afternoon with me, doing whatever they’d like. After Dom died, I knew that I needed to spend more time with them. I figured having a special day with them, doing what they wanted, could be a special birthday tradition. If anything ever happens to me, I want them to remember that I loved them with all of my heart + have something to reflect back on.

Making me happy: starting up a workout routine again. I fell off the wagon this summer + just got back into it again. I won’t be able to get back into the gym until tomorrow night due to work, internship + school [I wanted to go today, but I dropped a knife on my toe + that threw a wrench in everything I wanted to do today], but being able to zone out + just concentrate on my reps or the captions streaming across the television while I use the elliptical helps. Hopefully, I’ll be able to catch a yoga class this week, because I really need to get my ohm on.


  1. I relate to your feelings about your upcoming birthday. The ones that end in "O" tend to cause us to reflect on where we are in our lives and what's missing. I'm sorry you're so anxious about your career; I'm sure that will work itself out.

    It's very sweet of you to spend time with the little girl.

    1. I think you're right about the ones in end in "0" - I'm also just too hard on myself sometimes as well. As for me + the little one, we had lots of fun today! :)

  2. Glad you are liking the Graveyard Book so far! And I hear you about being an over thinker with anxiety! You will get through it! and I am sure the exercise helps with the stress as well.

  3. I think for your birthday you should celebrate how you want to! If you want a big blowout, do that. But if you want to do something low key, that's perfectly fine too. I'm a new follower and fellow petite (4'10"!).

    The Tiny Heart
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    1. I would LOVE to have a blowout, but because of financial obligations + lack of space, I need to have it in a public place that I don't have to rent out. Usually 25-30 people come out for my birthday, + restaurants aren't thrilled about large parties on the weekend. I'm not totally sold on the bowling idea, but its the best thing I could think of so far. I'm sure I'll think of something.

      Thanks for following!