Thursday, September 6, 2012

Academia, Autumn + Analyses.

This morning, a handful of my adorable little cousins started school (one in kindergarten, the others in pre-school). I visited the oldest of the littles, to give him a "welcome to kindergarten" gift. Twenty-five years ago, when I was preparing for my first day of kindergarten, his grandma was there for my big day. Since they live relatively close, I wanted to stop by + wish him well. Last night, Erich was saying that he remembers meeting the little peanut when he was two, when I used to babysit him. Erich would stop by on his break to bring us lunch.

I also started school as well. This is my last semester of graduate school, which I am thrilled about. I'm excited to be able to secure my Special Education certification. I ran into a bunch of friends that I knew in undergrad in the computer lab - it was like a revival of the History club! I have to student teach [again], so hopefully finding a placement won't be like pulling teeth. Tomorrow during my break at work, I plan on calling schools in the area, to see if they can help me out. So far, the workload for one of my courses doesn't seem too difficult, but the assignments will definitely be time-consuming. One of the awesome perks of the class I had tonight? I get to analyze Girl, Interrupted, which is a favorite book and film of mine. I'm hoping to complete most of my assignments in the next week or so, that way I don't need to worry about them throughout the semester. I'm going to have another class, plus work and student teaching, not to mention the blog, crafting + a social life. Plus, I want to be able to take the weekend of my birthday off, without having to worry about academia.

Even though I was feeling under the weather earlier today [a combination of allergies, stress + four hours of sleep the last few nights kicked my butt], tonight improved immensely, even after I walked out of class with a thirty page syllabus. The shorts for my next DIY project arrived, my fun school supplies are getting some use + I enjoyed a nice cup of coffee as I read a hundred or so pages of Life After Death. I had to reluctantly put the book down, seeing as I needed to hop on the computer + reply to some important emails. I can't wait to pick it up again tomorrow.

I'm also stoked about an upcoming craft night - I can't wait to make something fun! I'm not sure if I want to start on the shorts that just arrived, or try something different. I'll see what my crafting partner-in-crime wants to do. I also got a few supplies in last week that I am excited to experiment, so we shall see!


  1. I like your perky attitude. And reading books and doing crafts is a pretty fun way to live. :)

    1. Thanks, I think so too. We should embark on a craft night as well. Email me with some ideas + we can work on it in October! :)