Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Word-Filled Wednesday.

The early part of my day was a bit of a bust. I was supposed to head out east to interview Swear and Shake at the Stephen Talkhouse, but halfway through my shift today, I felt completely nauseous. Before you ask, no, I'm not pregnant. I think it might have been the smoothie I ordered from the cafe at work (it contained fat burners and some other junk I don't usually consume, but the flavor sounded super delicious). Either way, in case it was something more, I decided not to make the 90 minute trek, to be on the safe side. Thankfully, I got in touch with Adam, Swear and Shake's singer, and we will reschedule. I absolutely hate canceling things like that, its so unprofessional. But when it comes illness, I am overly cautious.

Once I got home, I relaxed for a bit and drank lots of water. As soon as the wave of nausea passed, Erich and I ran up to the grocery store to get something for dinner. We decided this week to cut meat out and limit our dairy, so veg-friendly treats were in order. We stocked up on frozen goodies (Amy's frozen burritos are my saving grace) and some fresh fruit. I just received a case of raw nut and coconut butters from Artisana the other day, so I needed some fruit to pair them with. After lounging around and  creating another (yes, another) bracelet, I decided to hop on the 'net and apply for some writing jobs. The only way to develop my craft is to immerse myself in it.

Coasters + bracelets, made by yours truly.

I also updated my ad space tonight, thanks to a killer site I discovered, called Passionfruit. Its so much more streamlined to take care of your sponsorship needs. I had a bunch of questions, but Jason, the owner of Passionfruit, helped me out. He's a cool dude, and I am proud to support his endeavors. I hope he does well with his venture. If anyone wants to swap ads, let me know - I have a promo code I can share with you.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow, as its jam-packed with blogging goodness! Since starting the blog, many companies have reached out to me, which I think is pretty cool. The Container Store invited me to their blogger preview event tomorrow, and my mom is coming along to snap some shots for me. This is their first store on Long Island, so I am super excited to see what they carry. I love having specific containers for, well, pretty much everything, so I'm hoping they have something for my crafting goodies. Which, if you haven't noticed, I've gone crazy with lately. After that, I will be swinging by Dots, to check out their back to school goodies. The entire time I've lived on Long Island, I have never stepped foot in any of their stores. There's a first time for everything, right?

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