Sunday, August 5, 2012


 I am obsessed with bubble tea. Bubble tea or boba milk tea, is a Taiwanese tea drink. It contains tapioca pearls, tea and milk. It might sound odd, but is it so delicious. I actually found this in the food court at Smith Haven Mall, but I have also been going to YoChi Yogurt to grab their version of bubble tea. The one in the mall is much better, but its a bit of a hike from my house.

 On Tuesday, Erich and I went to Gallo, a wonderful Colombian restaurant in the heart of Patchogue. This ginormous plate of food is their lunch (!!!) special: 1/2 chicken, yellow rice, pinto beans and a sweet plantain. It was under $8 and fed me for both lunch and dinner. It was also nice to get out for a change and have a nice meal. We try to save our money, but sometimes, we just need that time to connect.

 A few days ago I had mentioned the rekindling of my plastic craft lace love affair. When I haven't been blogging or working, I have been making keychains and bracelets. Its really therapeutic and I enjoy creating items for my friends. I have been spending a lot of time checking out tutorials on how to create unique stitches, which look really awesome. The one above is a cobra stitch. This is a keychain I created, but I plan on making some bracelets as well.

I went even further with my wearable art and made bracelets today. This is the first time I created anything like this. I had to buy wire, clasps, clamps and beads. Thankfully, a wonderful gentleman in A.C. Moore was picking up items for his own bracelets, so I asked him a few questions. I really love when people are kind to strangers. He made sure I had the tools I needed in order to make what I wanted.

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