Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lazy Root Beer Float!

This post is live, from my kitchen. Sure, there will be a bit of a time delay by the time it posts, but this is as close to real-time as I'll get (until I decide to be brave and vlog). I keep eyeing the IBC Root Beer in the fridge, but I'm craving something more than that. The ice cream flavors in the freezer aren't really my cup of tea, but there ARE ice cream bars. Vanilla ice cream with a chocolate shell. Simple, yet delicious. So, I've decided to experiment with what I am calling a Lazy Root Beer Float.

Lazy Root Beer Float
1 bottle IBC root beer
1 ice cream bar (whatever brand/flavor you like)
1 tall glass
1 straw
1 spoon

Now, before you start gathering the goods, get a nice tall glass and toss it in the freezer, along with the root beer. Leave them in there for ten to fifteen minutes before you do anything - just don't forget them in there!

Once your ready, unwrap your ice cream bar, and place stick side up in your glass.

Add root beer, but leave a few inches at the top of the glass. Dunk ice cream bar up and down a bit to mix. Be careful, it'll foam up a bit. Once the ice cream starts to fall of the stick, mix with the stick.

When its ready, stick a straw in and start sipping! Now, please excuse me while I stuff my face and wait for my photos to upload from my phone. 

Seeing as I was uploading the pictures without wifi, it took a considerable amount of time. I'm already finished with my float, and added the spoon as one of the things you need. Why, you might ask? Well, you're going to have chunks of chocolate at the bottom of the glass. Seeing as its a crime in this part of town to waste perfectly good chocolate, I scooped it out and ate it! Is was super crunchy and delicious. Mmmmm, chocolate.

What are some quick concoctions you've thought of lately? Are you more of a sweet or savory snacker?


  1. Replies
    1. It was! Erich requested one tonight + enjoyed it as well!

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