Monday, August 6, 2012

Fall Wardrobe Contest.

August has finally arrived, which means Autumn is soon approaching. To me, this means leaves falling, cool weather, drinking hot tea out of ginormous mugs, and shopping for my two favorite things - school supplies and fall clothes. When I was younger, I loved shopping for school supplies and picking out my clothes for the upcoming school year. Growing up in Florida, the extent of my fall wardrobe was basically the same clothes I wore year-round, with a few new hoodies tossed in. Our classrooms cranked the central air, so my sweatshirts were usually oversized and they doubled as fluffy pillows. Once, I actually got stuck in my hoodie, thanks to my friend, Greg, tying the strings to my hood together, and tying a knot in the arms. I should have expected it - we were goofing off in our eleventh grade English class, and I sat on the floor, putting my head and limbs on the inside of the sweatshirt (I told you they were huge). While this went on, I rocked back and forth on the floor, until I rolled over and cried for help. My teacher, Mr. Krolak, was not amused. He yelled at Greg to let me out, then told me to stop goofing off and to do something constructive, in my seat. Sorry, Krolak!

Now that I'm older (not sure how much more mature, though) and living in a cooler climate, "back to school" shopping is much more dangerous for me, especially since I need to be in a few professional settings throughout the week. How can one say no to new boots, jackets, sweaters and dresses? My boyfriend thinks i'm crazy, and that what I have in my closet is just fine. He says there is no reason to spend money on new jacket. Or another set of black boots. Aren't they all the same, he says? Oh honey, you have no idea.

Well, for those of you who want to spruce up your fall wardrobe, but don't want to feel guilty about spending the cash, I might have a solution to your problem. The Green Acres Mall, located in Valley Stream, New York, is holding a fall wardrobe contest. Ten winners will be chosen to receive a shopping experience with a personal stylist, plus receive a $200 Green Acres Mall gift card. Now, what exactly are you required to do? In a 400-600 word essay, tell Green Acres Mall why you should win a fall wardrobe session with a personal stylist and a $200 Green Acres Mall gift card. Entries will be judged by a committee based on originality, creativity and best expressed need for fashion assistance.

There are three ways to enter:
1) Email your entry, along with your name, mailing address, home and cell phone numbers, birth date and email address to, with the subject line “Fall Wardrobe Stylist Session Essay Contest” and you will automatically be entered to win.
2) Entries may also be mailed to: Green Acres Mall Fall Wardrobe Stylist Session Essay Contest, 2034 Green Acres Mall, Valley Stream, New York 11581.
3) If you are at the mall, simply drop your entry off at the Customer Service Desk.

The contest runs from today, until September 10, 2012. The contest is open to contestants 18+ who are legal residents of New York. Have fun and good luck! If any of you win, let me know.


  1. Amusing post. You write entertainingly.

  2. She is an excellent writer, if I must so say myself. I love her way with words.