Thursday, August 16, 2012

Retail Therapy that Didn't Break the Bank.

Awhile back, I was approached by Dots to check out one of their Long Island locations. I was definitely interested, as I had never stepped foot in one of their stores before. About five years ago, when I had asked a friend if I should stop in there to look for a dress for a night out, they told me not to bother - the stuff fell apart after a few washes. Well, most of the stuff I've purchased from H+M hasn't lasted an entire season, but that same person rants and raves about H+M. I've even watched their purse from the store fall apart while we were out shopping, so I figured I would give Dots a shot. I mean, I needed to see it for myself. Plus, if the prices were as affordable as they claimed, I would be cool with the item just making it through the season. 

After I finished touring The Container Store, it was off to Dots in Levittown. Since Avalon couldn't come with me to snap some shots, my mom came along with me. It was nice to spend the afternoon with her (even though she dragged me grocery shopping with her after we were finished), and she got to see what fun stuff I get to do when it comes to blogging. We met up with the store manager, Karrie, and chatted about the merchandise in the store. Early Fall is now in all stores, as you can tell by the colors in the pictures. Lots of warm tones. Dots had lots of dip-dyed denim, strappy sandals and neons this summer, as many retailers across the country showcased. 

 Dots was kind enough to send me a couple gift cards to fund my shopping adventure, but seeing as my mom was my photographer for the day, I used them towards her purchases. My mom recently lost a good amount of weight, so she's been trying to pick up a few nice pieces, without breaking the bank. This was the best place for her to go. Not only did we have the gift cards, but we also had coupons ($10 off a purchase of $35 or more and $15 off a purchase of $50 or more) - how could we say no to a teensy shopping spree?

 Mom and I actually chose the same two floral dresses. She ended up getting both, but I only snagged one, because they were out of mediums in the other one I wanted. I was bummed, because the dresses are super soft and comfortable, and would look great with a stack of bracelets, a crystal necklace, and a pair of docs (or even a pair of Lita's). While I didn't get the bright floral one, I got a black and white one, which I will be featuring on the blog in the fall.

While mom was trying stuff on, I was clowning around with her camera. If you look to the left, you can see her walking out of the fitting room in a black and white floral print dress. That is the same dress I got. They were $18 apiece, which is a steal. 

The coolest part of the store? The fitting rooms! Inside, there are three hooks to hang your clothes on: need a better fit, not for me, and love the looks! When we were in the fitting room, Karrie came by a few times to check on all of the customers, to see if they needed items in different sizes. Now, this is something I wish all stores had in the fitting rooms, and their employees did. I don't know how many times I haven't purchased something, simply because I didn't want to have to wait on line for the fitting room again. On the other hand, this could be extremely dangerous.

Overall, I was impressed with the selection Dots carried and I wished I had gone in there sooner. While some of what they carry is not my style (this happens at every store I step foot in), a lot of their dresses were frocks I'd rock. Plus, they have an array of really cute shoes and accessories that will help complete an outfit without breaking the bank. For the the prices, its definitely worth checking out. Plus, if you sign up for the Dots newsletter, you will get coupons sent on a regular basis. If you pass a store in your travels, swing by and see what they have to offer.


  1. There's one of these in Commack that I've always been curious about. You've inspired me to take a look.

    1. The website doesn't do the store justice - they carry a better selection on location. Let me know if you end up stopping there!

  2. I had a blast with you. We need to spend more quality time together. But I can't believe you put up that picture of me. But I have to say I love everything i got there.

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