Monday, October 1, 2012

Oh Hi, October.

October has finally arrived. It greeted us with a chill in the air, which I welcomed with open arms. We had the windows open last night + I tossed on socks for the first time in the evening. Once I am home for the evening, I remain barefoot until the morning, except in the colder months. This is going to sound so strange, but I feel like I become far more fashionable once the cooler months arrive. In the summer heat, I try to dress as cool + comfy as possible [truth be told, it usually consists of a cotton tee paired with Nike gym shorts + Havaianas], but once the temperature drops, I seem to regain my fashion sense!

I have been selling a bunch of old clothes I don't wear on Instagram [ClosetShopaholic is the store name], so I decided to treat myself to a dress from my pal Kiley's amazing new shop, Kouture. She recently offered 20% off everything in stock for 24 hours, so I snagged the Binger dress, from Shown To Scale. Kiley was actually featured on Nasty Gal's blog, wearing the same dress. She just added so many amazing sweaters from the Wildfox White Label - I know where I'm telling everyone to go shopping for my birthday now!

I have been meaning to do my nails for weeks, but finally sat down last night to take care of them. I dug through my collection of Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips + decided on Skinny Jeans. The packet has enough to cover my fingers + toes, which is awesome, because sometimes a gal just wants uniformity on her nails.

 Today I started student teaching for my masters. I nervously sat in the waiting room of the school for thirty minutes, waiting for my cooperating teacher to arrive. I looked down + noticed this would be a cute picture, showing off a bit of what I wore today. I also had on my Frye Veronica Slouch Boots today [which are insanely comfortable] + a cream colored cardigan I picked up a couple years back from Old Navy. Not only did I have a good outfit day, but I also had a good day in the classroom! My cooperating teacher is really great, the aides in the room are helpful + one of my classmates is also subbing in the room, which is cool too! I am so glad that I was able to land this placement. I was a bundle of nerves last night + couldn't fall asleep until after 2a. Tonight I will rest easy, after I get some work done, of course.

I am really excited about the rest of my week. I haven't hit the gym in a few days, because of a pretty hectic schedule [I know, there is no excuse], but I want to go for a couple hours after student teaching tomorrow. It looks like things are heading in an excellent direction.


  1. Nice nails. I've been wondering about those strips.

    1. I love them! There are a bunch on sale over at Amazon [older designs] with free shipping. I might order another pair of the ones I just used, because they don't have them at the CVS by me.

  2. Yayy, you've got your Fall style down early. I need to get on it as well. I'm still in my summer clothes **gasp**

  3. loving your nails.

    Just found your blog through the giveaway! I am excited to be your newest follower. Would love for you to stop by and follow along if you'd like :)