Thursday, October 4, 2012

I Know The New Face Of Girl Scout Cookies!

Over the summer, I took my cousins to the city on a mission. Marissa is a Girl Scout, + she had an audition to be in a Public Service Announcement for the new Girl Scout Cookies campaign. Her younger brother came along for the ride as well. We read the script on the train, goofed off, + had a fun afternoon. The evening concluded with pizza for dinner back home + the wait for a call from the producers. After what seemed like days, Marissa's mom finally got the call, saying that they had chosen her + three other young ladies for the commercials. She eventually reported back for filming + then, it began another waiting game - waiting for the PSA to finally appear.

Tonight, I got a text from my cousin. Marissa is up on the Girl Scouts of the USA website + the PSA has gone live! Here is the video via YouTube, so you can see my awesome cousin in action.

I am SO proud of her. She is such an awesome kid + she has an equally awesome family. I can't wait to give her a big hug + do a happy dance around her. Either she will dance with me, or run away, telling me that I've lost it. :)

As a former member of the Girls Scouts, this is an organization I believe in. I got to experience a lot of awesome things [special camps, activities, volunteering], plus learn responsibility by selling those delicious cookies. So when you buy cookies from your local Girl Scout, don't just ask for a box + walk away, ask them what they're learning in Girl Scouts. They might talk your ear off, but listen to what they have to say. You'll be surprised to hear how much the organization does for the children + the community. It might even inspire you to volunteer.

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