Thursday, October 25, 2012

Teach Me Something Thursday, Volume Eight.

Howdy! This installment of TMST is brought to you by my partner in craft, Sarina. She is going to teach you how to make paper streamers + rosettes for Halloween, but these can be used for any holiday/event you are hosting. I made this with her, so I can vouch that this is something that is simple, but super fun to make.

Sarina here from Nerd Craft Librarian. Are you planning any Halloween get togethers? Here are some quick and easy paper decorations! Enjoy!

Paper Streamers

Materials & Tools
               Paper (we used cardstock)
               Scissors or paper cutter
               Coordinating thread
               Sewing Machine

               Cut a bunch of strips of the card stock (a paper cutter makes this step super easy)
               Make sure your machine is all threaded up and ready to go
               Take one of the paper strips and feed it through
               Repeat this step until the streamer is as long as you want
               Hang it up wherever you want! 

Paper Rosettes 

Materials & Tools 
               Card stock paper 
               Exacto Knife 
               Glue Gun 
               Hole puncher

               Use your ruler as a straight edge and take use the exacto knife to score the paper horizontally. This step just makes a groove and makes the paper easier to fold so make sure you don't press to hard! 
               After you paper is scored, accordion fold. After that step, fold the paper in half
               Repeat this step two more times 
               You will have three 'fans', break out your hot glue them together to form a circle
               Cut a circle from another piece of paper then hot glue it to the center
               Once dry, cut a hole and string it anywhere you desire! 

You can find more of Sarina's fantastic crafts over at Nerd Craft Librarian.


  1. This is awesome I never would've thought you could use a sewing machine on paper!

    P.S. I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award on my blog :D


  2. Oh I wish I had any talent with crafts - those are great!