Friday, October 19, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight.

While you get ready to welcome the weekend with open arms, I wanted to introduce you to a few fantastic folks showcased on the sidebar of this humble blog.


  I love Solestruck. They are a fantastic footwear company based out of Portland that I discovered last year. They carry the most fantastic shoes, for both men and women. Now, I don't just love Solestruck for the brands they carry, I really love them for their customer service team! A month ago, I had an order that didn't ship immediately, due to a killer sale they had [which wound up bringing in a plethora of orders]. I called just to see the status of my order, + I said off the bat that I understood if it was delayed due to the sale - I had just wanted to check in. Ashley, who is probably one of the best customer service representatives you will ever speak with, checked the status of the order. While we waited for the computer information to load, we had a really nice conversation. It is rare to have such a fabulous experience - especially on BOTH ends of a customer service call. That experience has me telling everyone I know to support Solestruck. They have a fantastic blog that I love perusing + I just discovered they published a magazine, which I plan on getting.

Solestruck can also be found on Facebook, PinterestTwitter + YouTube.

Hey all! I'm Niamh {it's Irish and you say it NEEV}, and I blog over at Finding the JOYS in My JOURNEY. I'm a hard-working student, trying to live up to my ambitions and potential. The blog name pretty much states the purpose - I blog about the little things that give me joy, firstly to help me live with more gratitude, and secondly in the hope that I can spread that joy around. You can read about everything from style to food to boys, and then some!
Feel free to drop by - I'd love to return the favor!

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