Sunday, October 28, 2012

Getting Stylish with a Stylist.

Back in August, I had posted about the Fall Wardrobe Contest that was Green Acres Mall was hosting. Seeing as there would be ten winners chosen, plus the mall would be judging my entry [not the PR agency that had contacted me about the contest], I decided to submit an essay. I totally forgot about the contest, until I received a phone call, telling me that I had won. I was super stoked. $200 to spend, plus a consult with a personal stylist? I was most definitely down!

My mom + I decided to spend the afternoon together that day, so it was a nice little trip for us. When we got to the mall, we met with Jackie, PR maven from Epoch 5 + Denise, the gal behind 3D Styling. I had worn sweats + a Star Wars tee, because I had worked 12 hours the day before + had worked that morning, so I was pretty shot. If I was going to be trying clothes on all day, I wanted to dress comfortable. When we got to the mall, I met the management of Green Acres Mall, who were so nice. They had even mentioned that they checked out the blog + liked it, which is always awesome to hear from a complete stranger! I chatted with Denise, to see what I was looking for + needed to add to my wardrobe. Basically what it boiled down to was that I needed more professional clothes to wear in the classroom. I have MORE than enough clothing to wear on the weekends, but my teacher-friendly portion of my closet is lacking.

We walked, talked, shopped + joked around, which made the experience a blast. I told Denise that I was looking for dresses, sweaters + a new pair of black leggings. We hit Forever 21 first, but realized soon after that we needed to head elsewhere for what I needed. Kohl's was our next stop, where I found a fun little black dress that suits me really well. Denise also introduced me to belts, which I usually avoid like the plague [no particular reason, I just never bother buying them, unless they come with something I snagged at Forever 21]. This was only our second stop, but I had tried on more things than I think I ever have while shopping. This was serious business! After finding the little black dress in Kohl's, we headed over to Macy's. The hunt for a nice belt, black leggings + another dress would be wrapped up here. Denise told me that I should invest in a nice wrap dress, which is something I've never even thought about trying on. I tried a few on while at Macy's, but fell in love with this killer purple Calvin Klein dress [which came with a faux fur leopard print skinny belt], which everyone approved of. We also found a cute pair of leggings in the petite section - they even have zipper details on the ankle. I never buy things like this, because they are almost always too long on me. The petites were perfect! I'm also pleased with my belt purchase. Its reversible, but I have a feeling I will wear the black side in the cooler months + rock the white side when it gets warmer out.

Time flew by + before we knew it, we had to part ways. Before leaving the mall, mom + I ran into Victoria's Secret so I could snag a few things before heading home. I learned a lot from my session with Denise, including using Polyvore to create photo sets [I used it once, but totally forgot about it until she mentioned it again]. The dresses, leggings + belt shown below are items I snagged during my stylist session. The bag is an old standby of mine, but the bracelet + shoes are on my wish list.

Wear to Work

I never thought I'd I never thought I'd like the experience of working with a stylist, but it was a great experience. I tried on items I would normally walk past + am now becoming familiar with belts. I'm not going to ditch anything in my wardrobe anytime soon, but my future purchases will be items that can work in + out of the classroom.

Have any of you ever consulted with a personal stylist before? If you haven't, would you be interested in doing so?


  1. I would love to have a personal stylist haha. It would make shopping so much easier...

  2. Congrats on winning! It sounds like you had a really fun day and picked up some great stuff!

  3. How cool! Sometimes getting advice from someone skilled at fashion can open our eyes to new possibilities.