Monday, October 15, 2012


I try to eat as healthy as possible, but sometimes, I just want to stuff my face with junk food [chocolate being my weakness]. Recently, I noticed UNREAL, a new candy brand being sold at CVS. The packaging looked cool, but I didn't bother trying it. Anytime candy has been made healthier, it either tastes like cardboard, or keeps you glued to your toilet seat until further notice. Last week, I decided to connect with the folks at UNREAL to run their product by my chocolate loving lips.

The folks at UNREAL sent me an assortment of goodies to try out. They box contained samples of all of the products currently available on shelves [if you don't have CVS by you, Target carries the candy, as well as Amazon]. None of the products contain corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oils, GMOs, artificial ingredients or preservatives, which many of our favorite candies are saturated with. The coloring for the products is derived from fruits + vegetables as well.

The first candy I sampled was #8, which is by far, my favorite UNREAL candy. Its like a cross between a Goldenberg Peanut Chew + a Snickers bar. Total heaven. Its funny - whenever I eat a Snickers bar, I always feel sick about ten minutes later, from sugar + junk overload. No gross feeling after consuming #8!

The next day, I sampled #5 while driving to work in the morning [don't judge - if you look at the label, there are breakfast bars that are far worse for one to eat in the morning]. It reminded me of a dense Milky Way bar. Still delicious, but its no #5. Definitely filled me up for the morning, along with my water + cup of coffee.

That evening, I tried #77, which are peanut butter cups. Although I prefer the homemade [but not as healthy] ones my mom + I make around the holidays, these are definitely more decadent than Reese's.

The next night, along with Erich's mom, we tested out the chocolates in the candy shell [#41 + #54]. Unfortunately, these were our least favorite. Maybe its because we are accustomed to M&M's, but the flavor was not my favorite. #41, which is the candy coated chocolate, lacked sweetness + had an odd aftertaste. All we noticed on #54 was the peanut flavor. I was bummed, because I really wanted to like these. I have more left, so I will come back to these again to retest.

Now, with my opinions stated [good, bad, + indifferent], keep in mind that we all have different tastes. What I liked you might not + vice versa. As always, read the label before consumption - the links I provided throughout the review also have ingredient info linked to the page as well. The price points on the candies are very reasonable [no more than $1.25 per candy], especially for a candy that uses quality ingredients. UNREAL also makes miniatures, which would be a great healthy alternative to hand out on Halloween, or to keep on the desk in your office.

Have you tried UNREAL? If not, do you plan on trying their line of "unjunked" candy?


  1. For me personally, I don't crave chocolatey stuff too often, so when I do I just go with the real stuff ... this might be amazing for people with a real sweet tooth!

  2. I seriously also have a chocolate problem. Halloween is my evil nemesis. I left Target today with Butterfingers pumpkins...and felt awful after but they were great during haha

  3. I've never heard of the brand before but I do LOVE chocolate!

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