Sunday, February 12, 2012

Running, Retail Therapy, + Roasted Garlic.

Saturday was Day 1 of my 5K training. The night before, I had run into my friend Tara, and I told her about the Run for the Wild 5K. She told me to download the app, 5K Runner. She said this is what she used to run her first 5K, so I downloaded the free version on Saturday morning. We had originally planned on running at 9AM, but it was snowing, so we waited a couple hours to see what the weather would look like. By 11:30, we realized the snow was letting up and wasn't sticking, so we decided to suck it up and go.

I must say, this 5K Runner made easing into running a breeze. You can also listen to music while the app runs, so I put on Pandora. haven't ran in years, so I was afraid i'd be worn out in minutes. The program alternates brisk walking with running, so you don't overdo it. My run was more of a jog, but who cares. You gotta start somewhere, right? Even with flurries flying in my face, I had a great time. The sneakers I purchased during the week were perfect, and I had stopped over at Old Navy for some winter running attire. When I tell you I found the best jacket and pants, I am not exaggerating. Feast your eyes on these babies:

Women's Active Techno Jackets in Humzinger Neon, Old Navy, $44.94.

Women's Active Control Max Pants in Black Jack, Old Navy, $49.94.
The jacket is a comfortable windbreaker with built-in headphones. The sound was great, and it was one less thing I had to bring running with me. The right pocket houses the headphone jack, so you plug your iPhone/iPod in and you're good to go. The pants are also a win. Now, excuse my language, but my ass looked AMAZING in these pants. These are very flattering and hug curves perfectly. Plus, they're comfortable and breathable, which is important in a pant that you'll be wearing while exercising.

After our run, we decided to hit the grocery store. While in the produce section, I saw that garlic was on sale. I've been meaning to make some roasted garlic, so I picked up two packs. I figured ten bulbs would last a few weeks. I heard garlic is really yummy in fresh juice, so its always better to have extra.

Today, I made the roasted garlic. I cut half an inch off the top of each bulb and drizzled olive oil on top. They went in the oven (set to 350°) for about 45 minutes.

Roasted garlic, in all its glory!

Once they cooled, I carefully peels the skin and used my fingers to pull them out. If they were difficult to remove, or had broken partially, I used a fork to coax the rest out. I put them in a Pyrex dish to hang out. When I had gotten all of the cloves out of one bulb, I mashed them with a fork.  
Gooey roasted garlic cloves, mmm!
Garlic cloves, mashed lightly with a fork.

Before I tried the roasted garlic, I put a piece of whole wheat pita bread in the toaster on a low setting, twice (I had to flip the pita over, because it was too tall for the toaster). It came out warm and crispy, which was perfect. I also sprinkled a bit of black lava sea salt on top. 

Black lava sea salt on top - so delicious!

I peeled the rest of the cloves and sprinkled some black lava sea salt on top, then gently mashed the cloves. I took a quick bite before putting the garlic away. This is such a savory snack. Its sweet and salty, which is my favorite. 
Good thing my boyfriend isn't a vampire.

I didn't make dinner tonight (I had a frozen Greek yogurt popsicle), so as I watched Nick at Nite, I ate the garlic. Yes, all of it. It was so sticky and sinfully sweet. By the time I realized I had just downed three bulbs of garlic (when you mash it, it was close to 1/3 or 1/2 cup), it was too late. I drank a glass of chocolate milk to keep my stomach happy, but I have a strange feeling I am going to reek of garlic by morning. My poor boyfriend and kittens! 

Tomorrow is my second day of running. Hopefully I won't reek of garlic at the end of my run! Cross your fingers.

- Michele

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