Sunday, February 26, 2012

Quinoa Stuffed Avocado.

I love avocados, if you couldn't already tell from my recent posts (or, if you follow me on Instagram). Today, when I was trying to figure out what to pair with another lovely avocado, I had an epiphany - I could stuff my avocado halves with cold quinoa! Me = genius.

All I did was cut the avocado in half and take the pit out. I put salt and pepper on each half, then scooped the quinoa in. I used a spoon to eat it, because it would be pretty messy if I had attempted to use a fork. Halfway through, I scooped more quinoa into the avocado, because quinoa rules.

Here it is, in all its glory.

When I made the quinoa, all I did was add water and a bit of salt, then followed the cooking directions in the package. I made this the day before, so it was already nice and chilled. Minimal ingredients with maximum flavor is always a win!

Does anyone else have good avocado recipes to share? I have no recipes that call for the avocado to be warm, which I would like to tackle next. Next week, I will share my tomato/cucumber/avocado salad recipe I'll post later, too.

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  1. Mix some egg with the quinoa and bake it! YUM.