Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Free Makeover That Didn't Suck.

Unless you are viewing this on a mobile device, you will notice that I have redesigned the blog a bit. When I first created the blog, I had no clue what I was doing. I constantly harassed my friend James to help me, who runs Petchonka, because he is far better at the business of blogging than I am. Once I was up and running, I was doing pretty well. The layout wasn't my favorite, but I wasn't about to spend hours screwing up what I had just created.

While reading one of my favorite blogs, Sometimes Sweet, I read about Don Naylor, the man behind Adeline's Daddy. Don is a pretty awesome blog designer. I emailed him to ask a few questions about design and whatnot, and he promptly answered me. While I couldn't afford the price to get my blog overhauled (you need money for that, and I still need a job), I at least knew who to turn to once fundage appears. 

Fast-forward to a week or so later: Don posts on his page that he will be giving blog pointers to those who would like a bit of help with sprucing their page up. I emailed him once again, explaining what I wanted to make a few changes that I could edit on my own. I figured that a bunch of bloggers would inundate his mailbox, so I didn't think I'd hear anything back - especially since I had spoken to him a week before.

Tonight, I had an email from Don, telling me that he had just put up a post, showing me a few pointers for my blog. I was totally stoked - free help with my blog, from someone who makes aesthetically pleasing pages? Please and thank you! You can head over to Adeline's Daddy to read what Don had to say, but here is a picture of what he put together for me:

Don's suggestions for short girl, long island.

As you can tell, I followed most of the suggestions given. I left some ads on, because I am broke and any extra money I can get from my lovely readers clicking on the ads (hint, hint) is a definite plus. I would like blogging to become something that can catapult me into the field of writing, so with a more professional looking page, I have a better chance of obtaining viewers. When I was speaking with my mom about it tonight, I told her its just like looking around in a bookstore - a person is more likely to buy a book with appealing graphics. Once I put it that way, she understood better. She think's my blog is the bee's knees, but once she sees the new layout, I can bet I'm going to get a voicemail (I am notorious for getting to my phone as it is just going to voicemail) from her going something like this: 

Michelie (yes, I typed that correctly - that's one of her nicknames for me), its mommy. I saw your blog this morning before I went to school. It looks so good! I'm so proud of you. Call me later - I love you!

Yeah, my mom rules. She also gives constructive criticism, which I'm even more grateful for.

Due to my blog renovating, I didn't get to finish posts I had planned on finishing tonight, but that's alright. More reading material for the rest of the week! I went over to my mom's and made five different types of juice tonight, so expect a post with recipes on those before Friday. Tomorrow (technically, today) is the last day in week two of 5K training. I'm looking forward to it, because the last day of the training weeks are always the smoothest. I'm also dreading it, because that means week three starts on Saturday, and the first day of the new training week is brutal. I'll get through it, though. No pain, no gain, right?


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  1. Hi Michelie, Yes you are right I looked at your blog this morning before school. I do like it much better. That was really nice of Don to help you out for free when he makes a living at it. So when you get a job and you have some money let him do it for you.
    I am very proud of you! You are one awesome person. Who's ever lives you touch are blessed. Even if you are a pain in the butt once in a while. LOVE YOU. I'll call you after school. :)