Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fresh Juice = Best Juice!

On Tuesday, I stopped by my mom's house to hang out for a bit. She is also participating in the 5K at the Bronx Zoo, so I showed her my snazzy jacket and pants that I snagged at Old Navy. While I was over there, I decided to make some fresh juice. I completed a juice fast about a year ago, and it was amazing. I was thinking about starting another one, but I don't think that would be a good idea, now that I am training for the 5K. I lost my health insurance when I lost my job, so if anything happened to me, I would be in trouble. I don't want to take any risks right now. I am eating healthy (for the most part), and adding juice once or twice a day is good for the moment.

Here are pictures and recipes of some of the juices I concocted!

First, what I did was slice up this ginormous beet. I wanted to show the readers the actual size of the beets before I used them, just to give an idea of what I used. With that said, when making juice, just go with the flow. Make juices in tiny batches first, because if you don't like it, its less to waste. Even when I make a juice that I don't like, I just dilute it with water, hold my nose, and drink it. 

Sidenote: I drink all of my juices diluted with water. Some of these contain a lot of sugar, plus I like to make my batches last longer. I add the water when I am ready to drink the juice.

Beets aplenty!

Ingredients for the first juice.

Juice 01. Carrot Apple Beet Celery Juice:
3 medium sized carrots
1 macoun apple, sliced
1 celery stalk
2 beet chunks (1/3 of a large beet)

Makes about ten ounces of juice, depending on the size of your produce.

Something important I learned from a friend, many moons ago: when juicing, alternate the fruits/vegetables you put into the juicer. For example: Put a carrot in, then an apple slice, a beet slice, a celery stalk, etc. If you are using garlic or ginger, ALWAYS put that in before something substantial, like a carrot or apple slice. I usually put those ingredients in second or third.
I love how fresh juice looks.

Ingredients for the second juice.

Juice 02. Carrot Apple Beet Celery Clementine Ginger Juice

3 medium/large carrots (sliced in half to fit in juicer)
1 granny smith apple, sliced
4 beet chunks (2/3 of a large beet)
2 celery stalks

Makes about sixteen ounces of juice, depending on the size of your produce.
Ingredients for a double batch of  the third juice.

Juice 03: Lucky Number Seven (Double Batch)
1 yam
1 pear
1 granny smith apple
3 celery stalks
1 kiwi, peeled
1 lemon, peeled
1 ginger chunk, thumb size

Makes about twenty-two ounces of juice, depending on the size of your produce.

The half batch of Lucky Number Seven yielded ~13 ounces.

Ingredients for juice 04.

Juice 04: Orange Carrot Ginger
3 Oranges, peeled
3 medium/large arrots
1 ginger chunk, thumb size
Ingredients for juice 05.

Juice 05. Carrot Beet Celery Garlic Ginger
6 medium/large carrots
1 beet
2 celery stalks
1 chunk ginger, thumb sized
1 clove garlic, peeled

After I finished, I poured the juice into plastic water bottles and labeled them. Ideally, I would have stored these in glass - mason jars would be fantastic, as they double as glasses. Before drinking, shake or stir your juice. Juices are best if consumed immediately, but they will be good for 24 hours. 

Juices labeled + put into water bottles until ready for use.

What juicing combinations are your favorite? My favorites are orange carrot ginger and strawberry orange lemon!


  1. Oh lucky me to come accross this today. I had just bought in a box of carrots. Now I can experiment with plenty of juices. Thanks =)

    Followed the blog, hope you don’t mind. And who knows, maybe you’ll visit me someday too.


    1. Awesome, I'm glad you stopped by! Try the Carrot Orange Ginger, I'm obsessed with it! I went over to your blog earlier - I am a follower of yours, also. Enjoy the rest of your week!