Monday, February 6, 2012

Fashion, Futures + Football.

On Friday, I was sent a rejection email from a major insurance company about my employment inquiry. I was more relieved than bummed. I mean, sure, I need a job, but desk jobs aren't my thing. Being on my feet, running around like a lunatic is how I roll. Most of my meals are usually eaten while standing, too (my mother has told me for years to cut it out, but of course, I ignored her). I wasn't going to let this news get me down, so I made plans with my friend, Dianna, to discuss blogs, creativity and whatnot.

I arrived at her place, armed with iced soy lattes and my artillery of nail polish. Our boyfriends were working - they actually work together, so it was going to be a laid back girls night. Dianna is an amazing stylist (she recently helped style MGMT for their appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon) and accessory designer, so we discussed her latest ventures and some possible designs for her upcoming pieces. We also talked blogging, being fiscally responsible (we both agree - it totally sucks sometimes), cooking and getting our asses to the gym. 

Leather Stud Ring, custom + made to order.

While painting my nails, I also watched The Devil Wears Prada in its entirety for once - I always catch bits and pieces, never the whole film. I really enjoyed it, and realized that I am a bit like the protagonist, Andy Sachs, in the beginning of the film - clueless about how to put together an outfit. Thankfully, I have Dianna, who I have texted on more than one occasion about what the hell to do with my wardrobe. She will actually be featured in an upcoming post, helping me put together a few outfits/offering pointers, and doing a giveaway on a piece from her upcoming collection - so keep your eyes peeled.

Bright stripes, topped with black crackle.

I left that evening feeling energized about my future. Granted things were not going exactly as planned, I was making good use of my free time. Surrounding oneself with positive and insightful friends is so important! Keeping negative people/energy as far away as humanly possible can be difficult at times, but being dragged down by others is no picnic.

Saturday remained uneventful, until the evening. Erich's childhood friend, James, came over to work on the computer they had just finished building. This has been a weeklong project, so by Saturday night, I was sick of hearing about wireless cards, motherboards, fans, and whatever else those two were going on about. I mean, I love their enthusiasm about this fine piece of machinery (which is another post in the works), but there is only so much of this I want to listen to. I escaped to snag an iced soy gingerbread chai latte. Thankfully, James' girlfriend had just gotten home from work, so we decided to grab a quick bite to eat. Part of my crankiness was due to being hungry, so once I filled my belly, I was in a better mood. 

Sunday brought a job interview and the Super Bowl. The interview went well, and I should know by Monday evening if the job is mine - fingers crossed! The Super Bowl, in my opinion, is Thanksgiving, version 2.0. You stuff your face with various comfort foods until you are totally uncomfortable and watch football. As a child, my parents would always take us to a family friend's party for the game, so the Super Bowl always felt like a holiday, except with football jerseys and new commercials. Erich treated us to takeout from BOBBiQUE and we relaxed at home with our kittens. 

Super Bowl XLVI.

I must say, the commercials this year were a bit of a letdown. The only one that I liked was the Volkswagen/Star Wars themed commercial, but even that wasn't as good as the one they released last year. As for the half time show, it was better than recent bits, but thats not saying much. The costumes were cool, but lip syncing is lame. M.I.A. flipping the bird was probably the highlight of the performance. Truth be told, I didn't really care who won the game, but by the fourth quarter, I was rooting for the Giants. For the first time, my boyfriend saw me scream at the television. I got really into the game! Manningham pretty much saved the game for the Giants, and Bradshaw tried to kill time before making the touchdown, but looked like he was taking a shit in the end zone. Both of those plays will be talked about for years - Manningham's for the badassery; Bradshaw's for the most awkward touchdown ever.

Now, back to the grind to better myself!

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