Monday, April 9, 2012

These White Walls.

Music is part of my daily routine. Whether i'm driving, running, or surfing the web, I need a solid soundtrack. This weekend, I came across the band, Swear and Shake. The band hails from Brooklyn, which isn't too far from my stomping grounds. They've been around since 2010 -  how have I not heard them before? I must be living under a rock, or I need to get out more. Probably a bit of both.

Singer/songwriters Kari Spieler and Adam McHeffey have a magnetic chemistry and complement each other well. The two both play guitar, and McHeffey also contributes on banjo and piano. The band comes full circle with bassist Shaun Savage (who I swear I know from the Long Island music scene - or maybe he just has a familiar face; either is possible) and percussionist Tom Elefante.

The song I chose to share is "These White Walls." If you enjoy what you heard/saw, head over to Swear and Shake to check out more tunes and to check tour dates.

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