Friday, April 27, 2012

In Less Than Twelve Hours..

.. I will be in the midst of my first 5K. I have been anxious all day. I've had to force myself to eat and drink water, and my stomach has been in cahoots since Wednesday. I know, its just a 5K, but I am not a fan of the unknown.

Last night, I decided that I would be in bed by 9p tonight, but thats not happening. Its nearly 9p now. I still have to get my race clothes ready and pack a change of clothes. Oh, and I still haven't eaten dinner. I have a feeling I'm only going to get a few hours of sleep, but I made sure I got extra hours in during the week. Erich is working tonight, so I will probably wait until he comes home to fall asleep. Whenever I'm anxious, he rubs my back until I fall asleep. I definitely need that tonight.

In order to get some coffee and a small breakfast in before the race, I plan on waking up at 4:30a. I want to give myself ample time to digest my banana and soy latte, because I've heard horror stories of runners having to go to the bathroom mid run. I don't want that happening to me!

I'm procrastinating, as per usual. Next time you hear from me, I will have a report of how the race went. If you don't mind, please send positive vibes in my direction tonight and tomorrow morning. I'm gonna need it!

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  1. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me and others around you.