Sunday, April 1, 2012

Nasty Gal x MINKPINK Inspired Nails

If you weren't aware, Nasty Gal recently collaborated with MINKPINK to create an amazing collection, which brings me back to my adolescent angst and captures the 90s perfectly. When the collection finally went live, it made me want to watch Clueless - please tell me you remember the epic wardrobe that Cher had. 

Image via Nasty Gal

Since I am lacking in the funds department, I couldn't snag anything from the collection, and I am super bummed, because there is a pair of neon Lita's that I could do so much with, wardrobe-wise. I'm a 6.5, if anyone wants to snag these as an early birthday present for me.

Image via Nasty Gal
When I ran to CVS to fetch some Easter goodies tonight, I couldn't help but notice these wild neon colors. They were $1.99 apiece, so even if they wound up bombing, it was still cheaper than a manicure. I snagged a fluorescent yellow and hot pink. As I drove home, I was already planning out my nails. I figured I would do something simple - use the two neon polishes, and top with black crackle.

Nasty Gal x MINKPINK Inspired Nails
What you need:
Base Coat
White Polish**
Neon Polish - I chose yellow and pink
Black Crackle
Top Coat

 Before I decided what to do with the colors, I applied a base coat. Once that dried, I randomly painted parts of my nail with the neon yellow. **This wasn't as bright as I had hoped it would be, so next time, I will apply a coat of white polish underneath, to make the color pop. 

 I applied two coats of the yellow, to make the color stand out. After the yellow dried, I applied the pink. I only needed one coat of the pink, which was nice. When I applied the pink, I tried not to get on the yellow polish, but if you do, its not the end of the world. Sidenote: if you get polish on your fingers, wait until the top coat dries to do your clean-up.

Once the pink has dried, apply the crackle. Apply a topcoat once the crackle coat has had a minute to dry.

This took all of about fifteen minutes - most of that time was waiting for the polish to dry! I've done this combo with different colors underneath the crackle, and it looks awesome. The colors underneath don't have to be perfect - they're going to be partially covered anyway. 

What are some fun colors you've donned on your nails lately?


  1. This is such a cool idea! I really love the neon colors under the shatter coat. I never thought to get that creative with my color base. Thanks for the idea - definitely trying this! :)


  2. You have to do my nails and don't forget you still have to do Jess's at school.

  3. Love it! I also grabbed a bottle of that same Spoiled nail polish from CVS a couple of weeks ago. Mine is the neon green, and like the yellow, needs an undercoat of white to show up properly. I wish that I was doing something fun with my nails, but I fail at manicures. I'm too impatient and mess things up, so I have to stick with pedicures :(

  4. Oooh I love them! My nails desperately need to be painted! xoxo