Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Finally, a Fashion Photo Post.

This week, my friend Avalon and I went adventuring. We went to the Sayville docks, the Blue Point Duck Pond, and the picnic area at Corey beach. She's an aspiring photographer, so she graciously took some shots for me. 
Trying to keep warm - it was cold and windy on the docks! 
My hair had a mind of its own that day, haha.
Close-up of my favorite ring!
Chatting while Avalon got a few shots.
Lita Paint - one of my favorite pairs of JCs that I own.
After leaving the dock, we headed to the Duck Pond.
We didn't see ducks, but we got chased by geese!
My tattoo,  for my three wonderful Italian grandparents.
A close-up of my Hello Cavities tee.
Shirt: Hello Cavities, $25
Cardigan: thrifted
Leggings: Victoria's Secret, $29.50
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, $179
Ring: MerCurios, custom order.
Bow: Hello Cavities, $7
Sunglasses: Dior Couture, prices vary.

Even though we froze at the dock and were chased by geese at the pond, we had a great time. We met up with Avalon's boyfriend, Brett, at Corey Beach. I used to be his boss, to Brett had a blast telling me which ways to pose/move. We ended the afternoon with lunch at Sweet Mandarin. It was a fun afternoon adventure - I can't wait til our next one!


  1. Great photos! Those shoes are to die for and I LOVE - LOVE - LOVE the hair color. It looks like you were freezing! ...I'd recognize that ring anywhere - you rock it well!

    1. Thanks, MJ! It was so cold - my teeth were chattering! That ring is one of my favorite accessories! I can't wait to have you design another custom piece for me. <3

  2. I am pretty much in LOVE with your hair, I just thought you should know :) And I love this outfit, big time!

    1. Thanks! Its getting super long and gets tangled easily, but its worth it. I'm hoping to do at least one fashion post a week. :)

  3. Fun photos! It's enjoyable to go outdoors.

    I love your shoes and hairbow. Your hair is pretty amazing, too.

    1. Thank you! Long Island is perfect for outdoor adventures. I want to spend a lot of time exploring the entire island.

      Its funny, I used to straighten my hair all the time years ago, and now, I only get it blown out when I get a haircut. My curls suit me. :)

  4. It looks like it was a very fun day. The photos turned out lovely! Really love the Jeffery Campbell heels - the paint splatter is so fun and unique. And I have to agree with everyone above me... I am having some serious hair envy right now. So pretty! I love the body and curls.

    1. It was, I had a great time! Lita is my favorite style of JC shoe - super comfy to walk in, and they look fantastic! I've really been loving my lion's mane lately, so all of these hair comments are making me smile. :)

  5. Supercute ring!

    Hosting a giveaway for some great accessories if you're interested:


    1. Thanks, they look awesome. I just entered! Check out my giveaways on the giveaway tab at the top of the page. Trying to do a few per month.