Sunday, April 8, 2012

Back to Nature.

The weather this weekend was beautiful, and I took full advantage of the sunny skies. Late Saturday morning, as my significant other slept, I decided to walk to the local organic market, to pick up a few snacks for the week. It was a bit windy at times, but the sun was shining brightly, so it was a nice balance. 

For the first part of my walk, I was listening to HEARTSREVOLUTION, because I needed some upbeat tunes. Halfway through my walk, I decided to shut my music off. I felt as if I were cheating myself from my surroundings. I realized that there are at least three neighbors that have horses, that I had no clue about. How'd I know? My nose told me, if you catch my drift. 

I passed lots of neighbors running, taking a walk, and taking their four-legged friends for a walk. I met the cutest Italian Greyhound en route. His owner walked out of a driveway, about four houses ahead of me, and this little guy kept turning around to look at me. Finally, they turned around and we eventually crossed paths. When we met, he was so eager to meet me! I knelt down, took my sunglasses off, and got onto his level. He came over and gave me the cutest little kisses. That alone made my afternoon. I said goodbye to my new friend and his owner, and walked the few blocks to the store. 

I grabbed a few items, including Miss Amy's Blue Point Mustard (made with Blue Point Oatmeal Stout), and chatted with the lady working at the store. I love shopping at the local businesses in my area - everyone is so nice, and takes time to have a nice conversation. 

As I was walking back home, I decided to check out a barn sale. I had seen the sign when I was walking to the store, but had passed. I figured it was worth a shot to see what was there. I was hoping for some vintage clothing finds or vinyl, but no such luck. Mostly furniture and dishes. I did, however, find a few yards of lace. For $2, it was a steal. I'd much rather give the money to my neighbors than a chain store!

The walk home was a bit nicer, because the wind finally died down. A block away from the house, I pulled out my iPhone, to get a few shots of the gorgeous foliage. This picture does it no justice - its absolutely breathtaking when you are within arms reach, watching the branches sway in the breeze.

I am so stoked that the warm weather has been more consistent. I can't wait to spend the Summer traipsing across the island. Long Island summers are the best!

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