Thursday, January 31, 2013

Teach Me Something Thursday, Volume Twenty-Two.

According to the cheesy 80s flick, The Allnighter, "A babe in the kitchen is worth two on the beach." While some might disagree [especially if said babe in the kitchen burns water], you can't deny that a significant other who can cook is a plus. My mom whipped up a quick sweet treat that anyone can toss together!

Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter [I love Wilton cookie cutters]
Marble Pound Cake [or whichever type of loaf cake you prefer]
Whipped Cream [fresh, canned, or Cool Whip - your call]
Heart-Shaped Marshmallows [if you can't find them, order them]

1. Cut cake into three slices, about one inch thick;
2. Use cookie cutter to cut into heart shape; place cake on plate;
3. Put whipped cream on cake + spread to form a nice layer;
4. Put another piece of cake on top of whipped cream;
5. Repeat steps 3 + 4;
6. Put a dollop of whipped cream on top + place heart-shaped marshmallow on top;
7. Stuff your face like there is no tomorrow!

Super simple + delicious. Now you don't have an excuse to toss together dessert on Valentine's Day! If you have a fun Valentine's Day recipe or craft you'd like to share, contact me - I'd love to feature you.

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