Thursday, January 3, 2013

So This Is The New Year...

... and I don't feel any different. - Death Cab for Cutie, New Year

For the last ten New Years, I have always played this song a few times the first week in January - its like New Year holiday music, if you will. I love older DCFC + Transatlanticism is my favorite album (you can snag a copy for under ten bucks from Amazon), so its often in rotation throughout the year as well. The opening lyrics stand true, though. I don't feel any different because the year has changed. If anything, I'm stuck in the previous year - it takes me a week or two to get into the habit of writing the new date on documents - I can't tell you how many times I would sign off on things at the beginning of 2012 + date them 2011 - I wouldn't realize it until someone pointed it out, either.

Same thing goes for birthdays. I never feel any different + it usually takes me a few months to start saying the correct age when people ask me how old I am. Since I recently turned thirty, this one was easier for me to remember, but I can't tell you how many times I would tell people I was 27 or 28, when I was actually 29. If I didn't realize what I said right away, Erich would joke that I was lying about my age.

I didn't make any resolutions (they're doomed from the start), but I did decide that over the course of the winter, I would attempt to drink less coffee, eat healthier, craft more + dress up more. So far, I have only been drinking tea, I have been eating healthier than normal (less candy now that my Haribo advent calendar has been demolished, but I just ate a slice of pizza that was leftover from dinner last night), I went to Sarina's last night to work on fun crafty stuff + I am attempting to break free of my usual winter attire - sweatpants, sweatshirt, Uggs + no makeup. As you can tell, its baby steps, but its better than nothing.


  1. Baby steps are good when trying to make changes in behavior. Also, I never feel different and always forgot how old I was after 25. (I'm in my 30's now.) And Death Cab for Cutie is amazing! -Jessica L

  2. 1 - Transatlanticism. that album -- it's arresting. It's one that brings me right back to a very particular time and place as it was a thoroughly played one my first year at RIT. Certain friends, places, adventures, challenges, broken hearts, new interests and so on. I think I'm going to have to listen to that this morning now, and a song or two might make their way into my song journal project. Though I tend to listen to Champagne from a Paper Cup around NYE as well. And TLA/sundowner's 100 Resolutions...

    2 - I'm not usually a resolutions person so much, but I decided to piggyback on the 100 resolutions thing and do more of 100 goal-type-things, mostly little improvements here and there, or following through on things. My list of the first 50 is up here:

    3 - Nice going on the minigoals, I'm not sure I could ditch the coffee myself, though more tea has been making it's way in to my daily routine too. Yay for baby steps!

  3. That song reminds me of the year that I spent more time in LI, hanging with you and the gang out there, than NYC...Aileen and I took the train out nearly every weekend and sometimes during the week. Craziness that it was like, 8 or 9 years ago!