Saturday, December 15, 2012

Newtown, Connecticut.

I'm not a religious person, but I have been praying for the people of Newtown, Connecticut. What happened on the morning of December 14 is a nightmare that this close-knit community cannot escape. Members of the community, of all ages, died senselessly at the hands of twenty-year-old Adam Lanza. As we noticed from the numerous reports that were casted today, there has been a great deal of misinformation [they claimed Ryan Lanza had committed the crime, that both Lanza parents were murdered, + that his mother was the teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary, to name a few major pieces of information given out by the media]. 

You know what, though? All of that information is not necessary for us to know. The people of Newtown should be given privacy to grieve + gather their thoughts - THAT is necessary. While I appreciate the Connecticut State police giving numerous press conferences throughout the day to update folks around the world + beyond, they shouldn't have had to answer dozens of questions from reporters [many of which were intrusive + inappropriate]. The government officials, law enforcement agencies + the medical community need to make sure everyone in their town is being taken care of. The families who lost loved ones, the students who were at the school + their families, plus the rest of the community who treasures this town + the residents - their well-being is top priority. 

Regarding the media, I am appalled by many reporters, news stations, + executives at major stations that are going onto social media sites such as Twitter, searching through hashtags related to the incident + are asking if they could be put in touch with the person they know that has a child or relative that attends Sandy Hook Elementary, works at the school, or knows the Lanza family personally. This is disgusting + deplorable. I understand your job is to break the story first, but most stations reported false information without fact-checking, which is irresponsible + lacks integrity. 

I posted this on Facebook earlier today, but I wanted to share it with all of you, as this should be for all to see:

We can be angry, yes. But do not hold on to that emotion - acknowledge it + let it pass. Anger can eat you up inside + change who you are. Just let it go + seek out happiness. Bring love into this crazy world - lord knows we need it.


  1. I too was extremely appalled at the news reports and a part of me feels like the reason things like this are happening more often is because the media sensationalizes things and glamorizes these tragedies. I was also appalled at the parents who let the news media interview their small children... that is not at all okay! No matter what though, this shooting is tragic and unspeakable and I hope everyone can heal and find solace in these dark days.

    1. I agree - news outlets go on + on about the killer, but barely mention the victims. They care more about their ratings than the human beings who died in vain.

      Now this portion is my opinion, based on psychology courses I have taken in order to secure my teaching degree: Regarding the parents who let the children be interviewed - in the hours that the parents were picking up children from school + interviewed in the streets + parking lots, I don't think many of those parents were thinking clearly. They were scared shitless + wanted their children in their safety. I also think that because they were still in shock over the whole fiasco, they may have needed to verbalize the thoughts they had, to someone else. With that said, I have not watched the news or read anything regarding Friday's events since I posted this. So, if there were interviews conducted after Friday afternoon, I have no opinion on those.

      My heart aches so badly for these people. I am seeing two of my little cousins tomorrow + I can't wait to give them huge hugs + make memories with them.

  2. I agree that the media seems to have crossed lines. I will say that I think our local tv stations here have done ok with reporting although I wish they wouldn't do continuous reporting. But I understand on some level even why they did that. Our state has never had something like this happen, so...still just so heartbreaking...

    1. I did notice that most of the outlandish reporters were not local. Regarding the CT reporters - they've never experienced anything of this magnitude, so there is no protocol, so to speak, for them. I think they were doing what they assumed was expected of them, in wake of the tragedy. I understand seeing local stations reporting + speaking with people in the community who they know, because that is their home. These reporters who are out of state have no right to barge into the town + question these people. There is enough chaos ensuing right now, adding to it won't help the community at all.