Thursday, December 27, 2012

Teach Me Something Thursday, Volume Seventeen.

This edition of TMST is from Dara, a reader who reached out to me with an awesome tutorial that she actually used for her wedding. This is a great example of upcycling + these flowers can be used for a plethora of occasions!

For my wedding centerpieces, we decided to go with preserved/dried flowers for the main focus.  Aside from the flowers, we wanted something really interesting on the ends of our tables for the wedding. We used banquet tables, so they are long and rectangular. Therefore, one centerpiece didn't really work! We needed a line of centerpieces. We're both into old books, my fiance (now husband!!) more than myself actually, so I set out to make some book paper flowers!

I came across a few different sites explaining how to make paper flowers. I tried the crumbling method, but rolling is just so much cleaner (and easier).  I took some tips from many different sites, and experimented a little, and figured out which method worked best for me. Then, I took some photos and compiled it into (what I hope is) an easy to follow tutorial!

Let me know if its confusing or if it works for you - I'd love to see the results!

To see more of Dara's fun creations, visit her craft blog, A Very Good Coat Rack + make sure to swing by her Etsy shop - Dara makes the cutest stuffed animals!

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  1. I love this! The pattern is the same that I use when making felt flowers so I am interested in trying it with paper. I am a huge fan of upcycling. Great idea for the non-recyclable wrapping paper we all have tons of right now :)