Thursday, December 27, 2012

December Cara Box Reveal.

My blogger pal, Kaitlyn, started a really awesome swap on her blog a few months ago. Its called Cara Box + I don't know why I didn't start participating sooner! The details on what the exchange entails is in the link I just provided. Each month, there is a different theme. This one was "sparkle," due to the holiday season. Chelsea from Cardio + Cocktails was assigned to put together a Cara Box for me.

When I first opened the box, my eyes lit up. Chelsea knows the way to my heart - dark chocolate! There was also a few wrapped packages + a not to "make dinner together." Erich + I usually don't make dinner [his mom was laid off in October, so while she hunts for a job, she cooks delicious food for us], but I told him that I want to cook together this week.

 I love unwrapping presents, although wrapping them is my least favorite thing to do, haha! I couldn't way to see what else Chelsea found for me [thanks to the wonders of the 'net, she could learn about me by reading my blog, checking out my Pinterest + seeing what I talk about on other social media outlets].

Chelsea snagged me some Star Wars miniature ornaments [I LOVE Star Wars + so does Erich], a super cute plush ornament [reminds me on Christmas as a small child for some reason], a picture frame + Haribo gummy bears [my favorite brand of gummy bears on earth]. This was such a fun gift to open, especially the day after Christmas. Thanks again, Chelsea!

What I love about Cara Box is that the swaps are unique. Chelsea had to get me a gift, but I didn't get Chelsea a gift - I sent a Cara Box to Ashley, who runs one of my new favorite blogs, Wannabe Green. She just posted about the fun Cara Box I sent her, so head over to her blog to see what was inside!

I highly recommend participating in Cara Box - its much more personal than subscription box services [Birchbox, Whimseybox, GoBites, etc.] + its fun to be able to curate a gift for someone else. Plus, you meet new people + who doesn't love that? If you decide to join in, let me know! I'll definitely be on board for January!


  1. A box full of yummy treats! Can't go wrong with that, lol. This was my first exchange and I wish I'd started earlier as well. God bless :-)

    *hugs & love*
    Ashley Danielle

  2. What an awesome box! Ryan LOVES Pretzel Crisps but we've never tried the chocolate kind!!!

    Kaitlyn (: