Friday, February 13, 2015

Art Through Instagram

Last week, I was introduced to Invaluable's #GotArt project + was asked where I find art that moves me. I thought about my recent art purchases, projects + galleries I want to explore - the one thing they all had in common was finding them via Instagram.

Gallery 1988 has two locations in LA, which are on my list of must-sees for my next Cali adventure. I snagged this awesome Joey Spiotto print last year, but had almost missed it due to such small runs of prints being made. If I hadn't scrolled through my Instagram feed, I wouldn't have seen the post about the prints going live on the site. I've also discovered an array of artists through Gallery 1988 over the course of time.

Truck Torrence is the dude behind 100% Soft. I'm a pop culture junkie who digs kawaii art, so when I discovered him I was stoked. Torrence has a solo show running at Gallery 1988 East this month [February 6 - 28]. Prints from the show are available online in limited quantities.

Nicole Gustafsson is another artist I discovered via Gallery 1988. I saw her "I'm a 90's Girl" painting from her Pop Terrariums show + fell in love. That piece is my entire youth in a nutshell, complete with a watermelon Ring Pop + a slice of pizza. The rest of her work is pretty fantastic as well.

I discovered Tara McPherson back in 2006 via JapanLA, due to my obsession with tokidoki. My only McPherson art is in the form of a camera, which adorns a bookshelf with other artsy trinkets. McPherson not only kills it on canvas, she's also created some solid gig posters in the past.

Cotton Candy Machine is Tara McPherson's art boutique located in Brooklyn, which sells art, books, toys + also houses art shows. Some of my favorites [Buff Monster, Daniel Danger] are included in her collections, so adventuring here is a must for me this year.

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