Saturday, June 30, 2012

Moonlit Glass Jewelry + 15% off Entire Site!

A few months back, my friend Cristin introduced me to Tophatter, which is an auction site that always has awesome deals. I snagged a gorgeous necklace from one of the auctions, for half the price listed on the Etsy store. It was definitely a great deal. Before I sent my payment to Ailea (the seller of the necklace), I decided to head over to her Etsy store, Moonlit Glass Jewelry.

Oh my gosh. I fell in love. Her dichroic glass pieces had me mesmerized. After speaking with her about her pieces, I asked if I could show her works to my readers. Ailea obliged, and sent a bunch of pieces from the store over to me. She went above and beyond, but wanted to show the variety of her wares. The piece I won from the Tophatter auction is the Purple Sunset Dichroic Fused Necklace. All pieces are one of a kind, which I really like. What I like best is that the colors change, depending on the light. Ailea sent me two ribbons to wear it on, which I can wear alone or pair together. 

These pictures seriously do the piece no justice. Its awesome, and looks amazing in the sunlight! Ailea also sent over her Nuts and Washers Industrial Steampunk Earrings, a Lampwork Mermaid Pendant Necklace, Owl Love Earrings, Tree of Life Earrings, and a Green Dichroic Necklace. All the items are shown below, but I included the links to her store, so you can see her offerings.

When you head over to Moonlit Glass Jewelry, you will notice there are lots of options, regarding colors, and even the preferred type of chain your necklace will hang from. If you're not sure what to get, ask Ailea - she's quick at answering emails, and is super helpful! She also created a coupon code for my readers - if you use the code HAPPYWALLET, you will save 15% off your order! She recently updated the store and added a ton of new pieces, so head over to Moonlit Glass Jewelry and see what's new!

I'm going to wear one of the necklaces to my cousin's graduation party today, but I am torn between which dichroic to wear (surprise, surprise). Which pieces did you see in the store that caught your eye? Were you drawn to the dichroic necklaces, like I was, or are the metals more your style?

PS - If you'd like a invitation to Tophatter, I have 9 left. Comment with your email address, or email me, and I will send a code your way!

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