Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bracelets By Cindi + 20% Coupon Code.

When I was going through jewelry to wear for one of my recent photo shoots, I realized that I had no bracelets. Why? No clue. When I wear jewelry, its always minimal, but I really love when I see gals with an armful of bracelets. One afternoon, while I was on Instagram (what else is new?), I came across these beautiful bracelets, custom made by Cindi Fontanilla. When I had asked Cindi to create a few for my bracelet-less self, she happily obliged. I pretty much told Cindi to make whatever she thought would suit my style, as I didn't want to stifle her creativity.

A few weeks later, I received a package from Hawaii - my bracelets had arrived!

  Cindi sent me four bracelets - two black and chrome bracelets and two from her THINK PINK line. One of the black and chrome bracelets is from her contemporary line, and the other one is a new style she was working on.

The bracelets from the THINK PINK line are my favorite, because breast cancer has taken a loved one from me. When I was eleven, my mom lost one of her best friends to cancer. For years, I watched her fight for her life, stay strong for her children, and hold her head up high throughout it all. I will never forget visiting her in the hospital before she passed away. She was bloated beyond recognition from treatments, but still had a smile on her face. I am usually a very strong individual, but I started crying. She held me as I wept, as tears welled in her eyes. She knew this was the last time she would see me, and being the amazing woman she was, she comforted me, as she had always done. Since then, I make it a point to donate funds or purchase items that donate portions of the proceeds to breast cancer.

Cindi will be donating ALL of the proceeds from her THINK PINK line to the Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation. She will not be releasing this line until September or October, but has said if readers want them sooner rather than later, they can contact her at

All of the bracelets that Cindi sent are awesome. They look great stacked together or on their own. I was pleasantly surprised at the closures on the bracelets. Both black and chrome bracelets have a hex nut closure, where the THINK PINK bracelets sport a button closure.

Now, I briefly mentioned a coupon code. Cindi has graciously gifted readers with a 20% off coupon code. When you go to Cindi's Etsy shop, all items might be sold out - she has a hard time keeping the bracelets in stock. What I've been telling friends to do is look at what Cindi has sold in her shop here. She completes many custom orders, which the coupon code is also valid for. Email her at, and tell her what you're interested in. She will set up a custom order for you. When you are ready to purchase use the coupon code MICHELE, and you will receive the 20% off your entire order.

I was just perusing her sales, and I'm in love with her triple wrap bracelet. One of these in a bright color would make a perfect summertime accessory!

To see more of Cindi's work, check out her blog, Instagram, Twitter, and Etsy.

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