Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Baby Brother is Blogging!

The other day, as I was just getting out of the shower, my phone rang. It was my younger brother, Vincent-Michael. I call him Finster, or Fin, for short - that is our father's nickname for him. Why Finster? One night, when he was a toddler, my parents were watching the Looney Tunes short, Baby Buggy Bunny. It featured a tiny gangster, Baby Face Finster. BFF was climbing something, which apparently, was a favorite activity of my brother's, so the nickname stuck. Now that you know a random tidbit of information about him, this is how our conversation went.

M: Hello?
V: Oh hi*, my child.
M: Oh hi.
V: Guess what I did?
M: Oh lord, what did you do? In my mind, I'm thinking either he bought a motorcycle or tattooed his throat. 
V: I started a blog.
M: Oh. Relief, with a bit of surprise. Really, where?
V: On Wordpress.
M: Oh. Make a new one on Blogger.
V: Why?
M: Because I said so. Its what I use, and it connects to your gmail. Plus, I know how to work this one, and I'm sure you're gonna call me and ask how to work it.
V: Oh, okay.
M: What is it about?
V: I don't know, stuff.
M: Well, you should have an idea of what its going to be about. Don't think I'm being a bitch, I just want you to set the right tone for it. Give readers an idea what they're looking at.
V: Okay. I gotta go make a new blog. 
M: Sounds good, let me know when its up.
V: Okay. Love you, oh bye.
M: Love you too, oh bye.

*Oh hi, oh bye and my child are phrases we started saying about fifteen years ago, due to our good friend, Sean. I call it Seanspeak. There are a handful of phrases/words that we only use with or parental units, Sean, and a select group of people who utilized Seanspeak when we were in high school, but I will spare you for the moment.

Since that phone call, I've gotten a few more from him - asking how to fix the layout, making sure its working, and to see if I like it. So far he's doing well, and I've given him a few pointers, because thats what big sisters do. His blog is called stolencandy_tastebetter, and its a culture/lifestyle blog. Its still a work in progress, but check it out. 

Halloween, 1986. Weren't we the cutest?

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