Saturday, January 31, 2015

Linkity Link

There is a blog dedicated to recreating Bob's Burger of the Day + it kinda rules.

Remember the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark book series? CBS finally got the ball rolling  + John August is working on the script.

The cast for the Ghostbusters reboot has been finalized + filming should commence this summer. Finally.

Carrick happens to be one of my favorite singers//artists + he's finally releasing a solo album.

Chemists at UC Irvine have figured out how to unboil an egg + it kind of creeps me out.

Damon Hellandbrand's Zodiac art is intense + awesome.

French photographer Maud Chalard's intimate photos remind us that love still exists.

The making of this Dior Couture dress is amazing.

Sriracha + cheese = life. Check out these recipes + whip up some Super Bowl snacks.

Birthday boy Justin Timberlake just announced that he's going to be a daddy.

Dragon Ball Z sneakers? They exist + they're under $30. Rad.

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