Saturday, January 10, 2015

Linkity Link.

Its National Pizza Week, so snag a slice + start… coloring? Okay.

Life getting you down? Well, fix that shit + make yourself happier.

Valentine's Day can be annoying for singletons, but Lush's holiday release is magical. I don't want a boyfriend - I'd rather have True Romance.

Making French macarons is something I've wanted to try forever. This lavender with lemon curd version sounds amazing.

So much elementary school nostalgia for babes born in the eighties.

This Donut Apron DIY tutorial is delicious + I kindof need one now.

My friends know I avoid anything wedding related [well, relationship related, but i'll leave the discussion at that], but IF [biiiiig if] I ever decide to venture to the dark side, I'd be okay with this badass Lightsaber engagement ring.

Soup is perfect during these chilly months + Emily's minestrone can be modified to suit a variety of dietary needs.

I'm just starting to creep into my thirties, but here's some insight for when I hit the old age of youth.

Winter is not my BFF, but these 56 life hacks make it suck less.

Marvel just released the Ant-Man teaser trailer, so go check out Paul Rudd + try not to drool on your MacBook.

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