Monday, February 11, 2013

Stepping Up My Snail Mail Game.

I have a bunch of pen pals + love sending ultra-cute stationary to them [although i've been slacking as of late]. I always handwrite my return address on the envelope, because most return address stickers are cheesy or just bland. My letters were cute, adorned with stickers, but I wanted to make them look even nicer; more polished. 

Thanks to Laura, the gal behind the Etsy shop lauriebreaker, I now have a fancy pants return address stamp to adorn my letters + parcels with! In December, Laura contributed a custom made stamp as a giveaway item + also offered to create one for me as well! I told her to surprise me with the design she would use. I had to proof the design before it was sent + realized she was using her new design, The Elliott! I was super stoked for it to arrive + wanted to show you all how awesome it is!

I used my awesome Kaleidacolor inkpad to test out a variety of fun color schemes shown in the photo +   obviously had way too much fun with it. Laura, being super awesome, is offering a 10% discount to my readers - use the coupon code SHORT10 during checkout. Don't forget to check out the other designs + cards Laura has in the shop. These stamps make really awesome gifts - this would be the perfect addition to a housewarming gift, or to send to one of your pen pals!


  1. I need to use that code and go shop. I may have just sent out some pen pal letters using cheesy and bland address labels. Oops.

  2. That stamp is divine! Send me something in the mail!!!

  3. LOVE this! Checking the shop out now and think I'll have to get one:)