Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Always a First Time for Everything.

Starting off a blog for the first time is rather awkward. Similar to the first day of school, or starting a new job. You stand there, wave awkwardly, and introduce yourself, hoping that the folks in front of you don't think you're the ultimate goober.

Hi, I'm Michele. 

There is usually a catalyst for people to embark on a new adventure or project. I have two. I am turning thirty this year, which, at the thought, is exciting and scary at the same time. The second reason was being fired from my job after nine and a half years. Believe it or not, the latter was far more traumatizing.

You are probably thinking, ooh, this should be good! In reality, its a pretty lame story. Long story short, I said something in hindsight, I probably should not have said. Even though my record was near impeccable, the customer is always right and will get what they want, no matter what. Pretty disheartening, huh? 

I am a fan of change, but only if I am prepared. I was not prepared for what happened. I cried for three days straight and didn't leave the house. When I finally left the house, it was to purchase pink semi-permanent hair dye. Odd? Kindof. Since I was a teenager, my remedy to any situation has never been to chop my hair off - it has been to dye it pink. Its not permanent and feeds my need for something outrageous.

Being fired was good thing, though. I got to spend my twenties working with friends and slowly (but surely) obtained my degree. I am a certified History teacher! Major downfall to this? I am having trouble finding a job, within my field and out in the retail world. Trying to find a job in January, after many businesses excess their holiday help, is brutal, to put it nicely.

Every day I am modifying my resume and creating cover letters. My computer desktop has been engulfed by Word documents within a matter of weeks. I wanted to start this blog weeks ago, but I was so sick of looking at the computer, that I pushed it to the wayside. 

My boyfriend, Erich, said that this was the best thing that could have happened to me. He has encouraged me to be creative and enjoy hobbies that I had put on the back burner. My creativity has consisted of nail art (which I'm pretty good at), doodling with colored pencils, playing an unhealthy amount of Scramble with Friends, experimenting in the kitchen, and spending far too much time browsing Pinterest. I must say, I did get many of my food ideas from here, so it wasn't a lost cause. Oh! I've also been taking pictures on my iPhone 4S (why carry a camera when you can do it with your phone?), which now litter my Instagram account. 

When speaking to one of my oldest friends (who also happened to shred my heart like pulled pork on more than one occasion - i'll save that for another blog entry), he told me to do something I've always wanted to do. Easier said than done. My ultimate dream job is to be a pop culture historian. I didn't major in History because I loved learning about  ancient cultures. I mean, that was a perk of the courses, but I really embarked on this degree because I love music dearly. I had wanted to pursue a job in the music industry, but a friend of mine told me that I had to be spineless to be in the industry. He was right. I was too trusting and naive for the industry.

So, to play it safe, like I always do, I decided to obtain a degree in education. I have always loved to help others, so this was a no-brainer. Teaching has been a fantastic experience. Difficult? Absolutely. Rewarding? Far greater than I ever imagined. I would love to be able to teach students and have them enjoy learning as much as I have, but there is still this part of me that wishes I could spend the rest of my days researching and interviewing individuals regarding popular culture, particularly music.

Hopes, dreams, and sob stories aside, this blog will be a conglomerate of interests - food, articles, photos, fashion, adventures, random stories and whatnot. 

Thank you for reading this rather largesse entry. Hopefully you'll stick around to see what else I have to say!

- Michele


  1. You go girl! Its Michele, from St. Joe's & I love that you are doing this blog! I've always wanted to start one and I'm so excited you did and can't wait to read more! <3

    1. Hi! Thank you - I figured since I'm not working, I should make the best of my time. I am really excited about this, though. :)